Atari Releases Reimagined 80s Stealth Roguelite ‘Haunted House’

Credit: Atari

Ghouls lurk around each corner – your friends are gone – what are you going to do now? Orbit Studio and Atari have just released their collaboration to reimagine Haunted House. With procedurally generated room layouts, an expanded narrative, and new playable characters, no two playthroughs will be the same.

Haunted House  follows Lyn Graves, the niece of famous treasure hunter Zachary Graves. After learning about her Uncle’s disappearance, Lyn and her companions travel to the mansion to investigate. However, she soon finds that the house is overrun by ghouls and monsters who snatch her friends away. With her closest companions and Uncle missing, Lyn must navigate through its eerie rooms to find them. With shifting walls, unpredictable enemies, and bone-chilling bosses, Lyn has her work cut out for her.

Credit: Atari

In this reimagining, players should avoid combat and lean towards a stealthier gameplay. The isometric roguelite challenges players to think twice about their movements and how to best utilize traps and items. As players progress through the whimsical rooms, freeing companions and collecting Urn pieces, one wrong move can mean the difference between advancing or waking up back at the entrance. That’s right – if a shadowy specter touches Lyn, players restart the floor with new floor layouts and enemy placements. However, you keep your upgrades, allowing you to come back stronger than ever. But, at least now you can bring your friends. Each friend possesses a unique set of traits to aid you in your journey. Whether it’s Alex’s high speed or Stephanie’s enhanced stealth, relying on friends can really make the difference.

Haunted House is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Atari VCS.


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