Indie Horror ‘Flathead’ Makes A Childhood Game A Nightmare; Available Now

The ultimate sore loser experience

Credit: oxblud | DreadXP

The first title from oxblud and DreadXP’s XP Ultra Program, FLATHEAD, is now available. FLATHEAD’s premise follows the childhood game over or under, but with the most extreme outcomes. Win your match, you get to live. If you lose the game, you lose your life.

FLATHEAD is a short experience where players can get a peek into oxblud’s upcoming world of silkbulk test. The rules are easy: pull the lever, see your number, and guess if the next number is higher or lower. Correct answers reward you with points and to keep playing.  However, wrong answers open the doors to something even more sinister than losing. Players can use various objects to help prevent the horrors from approaching or use their multipliers to get more points.

FLATHEAD comes from publisher DreadXP‘s new XP ultra program. XP Ultra is a program that aims to elevate shorter, bite-sized projects for smaller developers. This program promises to give the same level of dedication as other Dread XP titles including marketing, production support, QA, and PR.

“The team at DreadXP is excited by the opportunity to publish even more experimental titles at smaller scales, as it gives us a chance to create a wider, weirder, more diverse catalog of games,” says Hunter Bond, Co-Director of DreadXP. “FLATHEAD is just the beginning of more good strangeness to come.”

FLATHEAD is now available for PC via Steam.

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