Interview: Jordan Mochi Creator of WWI Survival Horror ‘CONSCRIPT’

Earlier this year, Melbourne based solo developer, Jordan Mochi revealed a Kickstarter for his World War I set 2D Survival Horror game, “CONSCRIPT”. The Kickstarter campaign proved a rousing success, raising over $39,000 AUD [Australian Dollars] for the Resident Evil and Silent Hill inspired title.

Credit: Catchweight Studio

I was lucky enough to be an early backer of the campaign and got to play the demo which I absolutely loved. It also put me in contact with Jordan and after many months of discussion through emails, we finally sat down and had a long chat about game development, graduating university, learning new skills, survival horror influences and more.

A massive thanks to Jordan for his time and if you’re interested in “CONSCRIPT”, you can wishlist the game on Steam HERE and FOLLOW on Twitter.


Check out the Reveal Trailer from Catchweight Studio here:

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