Limited Run Announces ‘Clock Tower: Rewind’ Collectors Edition, Pre-Orders Available May 31

Credit: WayForward | Limited Run Games

After first announcing the Clock Tower: Rewind port last year, publisher Limited Run has just announced preorders and a Collector’s Edition. Pre-orders will begin May 31 and run through June 30th.

Clock Tower: Rewind marks the first official time the game will be translated and released outside of Japan. The terrifying 16-bit classic follows Jennifer, a teenage orphan, who arrives to the Barrows family manor. But, shortly after arriving to the manor, one of the other children is killed by the Scissorman. Players must search the manor for items, secrets, and ways to escape from the unstoppable shears-wielding psychopath.

Credit: WayForward | Limited Run Games

Players will be able to choose from original or enhanced modes. While the original mode lets players experience the game in its original format, enhanced brings new animations, theme songs, motion-comic cutscenes, save states, and more.

Standard pre-orders will include a physical disc, cartridge, or PC key. However, the Collector’s Edition will feature a few sweet treats to offset the nightmares of the Scissorman. In addition to the physical copy, fans will also get the following:

  • Collector’s Edition Box and Original Soundtrack
  • Double-sided poster featuring original art by horror icon Shintaro Kago
  • Acrylic standees of the Scissorman and Jennifer
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Dan Barrows Stressball
  • Ham object enamel pin
  • Demon Idol keychain

Clock Tower: Rewind will release to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and for PC.

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