Lo-Fi Horror Call Operator Sim ‘Home Safety Hotline’ Available Now

Ring ring - it's demons.

Credit: Nick Lives and Night Signal Entertainment

Carpenter ants, black mold. house fae, or demons – if you’ve got it, the Home Safety Hotline can solve it. Clock in, listen to calls, and help callers survive strange happenings in the analog horror game, available now.

Home Safety Hotline is an interactive point-and-click horror sim from indie developer Night Signal Entertainment. Players take on the role of a call center operator tasked with helping callers with dealing with their household pets. However, ants and mice are the least of these homeowners’ worries. With supernatural beings like demons and fae, your recommendation might mean life or death.

Credit: Nick Lives and Night Signal Entertainment

Set on the background of a Windows 98 UI with jazzy hold music, Night Signal Entertainment shows just how scary working at a call center can be. Navigate through countless internal documents of pests and otherworldly creatures to become a home safety expert. Alternatively, you could hang up. That’s always an option too.

While pretending to be a phone operator dealing with the supernatural can be fun, there are some very real phobias included. Night Signal Entertainment has included a “Phobia Toggles” option that will disable the images of certain phobia-based imagery. This includes spiders, holes, the dark, dogs, insects, and tight spaces.

Home Safety Hotline is available now for PC via Steam.


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