‘Mad Father’ Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch & PC in Time for Halloween


Originally released by Miscreant’s Room in December of 2012, Mad Father was a tearaway indie success. The game was a puzzle oriented, 2D Survival Horror about a young girl who breaks into her fathers secret laboratory to uncover his dark secrets. The game was brought to Steam in 2016 by AGM Playism.

Credit: AGM Playism

Now, almost 4 years later Mad Father is making it’s debut on consoles via the Nintendo Switch. The “Remake” is said to boast –

  • Graphical improvements (characters, maps, stills)
  • Events added
  • New maps
  • Gamepad support
  • Noise filter function (can be turned off)
  • Added Mission, Help, and Option to the menu screen
  • Controller mapping added
  • Voices added (more variation to the father’s laugh)
  • Bonus Episodes

The original game is still available to play on Steam for those interested in checking it out, with the Remake also releasing on Steam soon. The Mad Father Remake has no official release date but will release in fall 2020, “around Halloween”, to cite the developers, Sen.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

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