Matt Mercer, Sarah Grayson Joins ‘Vampire Therapist’; Demo Available Now

Credit: Little Bat Games

Sink your teeth into something tasty – Matt Mercer and Hades II star Sarah Grayson are joining the cast of Vampire Therapist. Little Bat Games’ narrative-driven vampire sim has a playable demo now through June 17th as part of Steam’s Next Fest. In addition, Francesca Meaux (Hades), Cyrus Nemati (Hades, Pyre), and newcomer Kylie Clark are also joining the star-studded cast.

Vampire Therapist brings the question: what is the healing journey of a vampire? As a vampire therapist, unravel centuries of emotional trauma, break delusions, and face-off against the turmoil of self-loathing.

Created with the help of licensed therapists, players will embark on this therapize-em-up journey as Sam. Sam, a former Wild West gunslinger, has come to realize life is more than just murder and mayhem and seeks a 3000-year-old vampires help through therapy.

Set in a gothic universe and inspired by What We Do In The Shadows, Monty Python, and Horrible Histories, players will see a strange collection of immortal angst. Explore the vampire-run goth club and the dark world of European nightlife to bring these shadow-bound ancients into the light. From Bronze Age to modern vampires, there’s no shortage of distorted thinking.

The Vampire Therapist demo is now available for PC via Steam.

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