‘Mouthwashing’ Psychological Horror Demo Available Now from Wrong Organ

Credit: Wrong Organ | Critical Reflex

All aboard the Pony Express for a horrifying and isolating experience – Wrong Organ’s Mouthwashing demo is now available! Publisher Critical Reflex and Wrong Organ’s new partnership is bringing the low-poly psychological horror game to PC following their Next Fest debut.

Mouthwashing follows the five crew members of the Pony Express. But when the interplanetary freighter Tuplar goes off course, the maimed crew finds themselves stranded. With dwindling resources and scarce supplies, the crew can’t trust one another nor the hallucinations they face. Players must questions themselves too as they can’t even trust their own minds in this spine-tingling immersive story.

Players must navigate through claustrophobic corridors during your descent into madness to uncover the truth about your captain, the crew, and what lays in your cargo. Is your Captain Curly at fault for the horrifying ordeal? Or is something more sinister waiting? With the unforgiving brutality of paranoia, you better hope to die first or wait for everyone else to.

Mouthwashing joins Critical Reflex’s indie horror game catalog with viral hits like Buckshot Roulette and found-footage horror Teleforum. Three additional horror games will also join this lineup including Regular Home Revovation Simulator, fishing horror Drowned Lake, and the nightmarish fairytale of Flawless Abbey.

The demo for Mouthwashing is now available on Steam.

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