‘My Work Is Not Yet Done’ Steam Next Fest Demo Carves Out An Eerie Experience

Credit: Sutemi Productions & Raw Fury

Steam Next Fest is currently underway with various demos available for players to choose from. The festival runs from October 9th to the 16th and offers players a chance to try out some games before their full release. On top of that, players can join livestreams to see developers playing their games and answering questions. As well as allowing fans to Wishlist their favorite demos to get notified about the game’s release date. A unique demo among the horror titles is Sutemi Productions and Raw Fury’s investigative narrative My Work Is Not Yet Done.

The game follows Inquisitor Avery, the sole surviving member of an ill-fated scientific exploration team. Her mission is to find the source of an odd transmission that formed in the area. To investigate the source, she must traverse and endure the constantly changing environment and perhaps something even more peculiar. My Work Is Not Yet Done gives a sneak peek into its singular world, as well as the open-ended investigative and analytical gameplay. Similarly, its pixelated aesthetics, retro vibes, and intriguing glitchy undertones carve out a distinctive space in the horror genre.

Credit: Sutemi Productions & Raw Fury

Gameplay and Exploration

The game’s art style transports players back to the days of classic gaming, instantly setting the mood for an old-school adventure. The glitch effect throughout the game adds an eerie yet mysterious vibe that keeps players on edge. Yet, the game’s art style, while unique, can occasionally blur together, making it difficult to distinguish the environment from objects. Although this warping adds to the feeling of being lost, it might make it frustrating for some players.

Additionally, the main menu offers players the choice to select chapters, providing a sense of non-linearity. However, the lack of a return to the main menu option can be a bit of an inconvenience. Moreover, the game heavily relies on reading making it so that players stay immersed in the storyline.

Credit: Sutemi Productions & Raw Fury

A standout feature is the sense of getting lost in the woods. The game does a good job of making players feel disoriented and anxious. These design features shine the most especially when darkness falls or when heavy rains obstruct their vision. Furthermore, players are equipped with a watch and detector, which keeps the gameplay simple yet interesting.

My Work Is Not Yet Done demo offers a short but enigmatic experience. Its pixel art, eerie glitches, and emphasis on analytical gameplay make it worth trying for those who enjoy a slower, more reflective gaming experience. However, it may not be suitable for those seeking action or fast-paced gameplay.

The demo for My Work Is Not Yet Done is currently available on Steam.


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