New Killer Announced: Dead by Daylight Brings Chucky Into the Entity’s Realm

Your friend till your bloody end.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has revealed their newest killer – from the iconic horror franchise, Child’s Play, Chucky and Tiffany will bring a new kind of torment to Survivors. Originally, Chucky’s physics was a cause for concern due to his size, but the developers have created a new mechanic to allow for a bloody playtime. The infamous foul-mouthed doll will also be the very first Killer to use a third-person perspective when hunting down those pesky Survivors.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

A Bloody Playtime

Players will be able to equip a series of terrifying outfits to match the terrifying personality of their little psychopath doll. One of the featured outfits, The Good Gal, will allow players to play as Chucky’s other half, the bride of Chucky herself, Tiffany Valentine. After all, every Good Guy needs their Good Gal. To voice these lovebirds, the original voice actors Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly will be reprising their roles of Chucky and Tiffany.

While Chucky may seem pint-sized, he’s twice as dangerous as any other Killer. Entering the likes of The Legion, Chucky will be able to use his size to vault under dropped pallets. Due to his size, Chucky will be a prime stealth Killer, allowing him to hide in even the shortest objects on the map. Although you may not be able to see him, you’ll definitely be able to hear his maniacal laugh before he takes you down.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Tiny But Deadly

Chucky’s size is just one of many special perks and add-ons players can utilize. His Special Ability, Hidey-Ho Mode allows for the Killer to have no Terror Radius and spawn “distraction” footprints and audio across the map for 20 seconds. While Hidey-Ho Mode is active, Killers can press the Special Attack button to Slice & Dice. Slice & Dice, when charged, allows you to sprint at a high speed, triggering an attack at the end or when the button is released. Chucky will also have the Special Ability to Scamper. While in Hidey-Ho Mode, press the Interaction button near a vault or pallet to scamper through it without breaking it.

Chucky will come with three unique perks to really keep Survivors on the edge and display his cruel nature.

Hex: Two Can Play: Any Survivor who dares to successfully blind or stun Chucky will also blind the Survivor.

Friends ‘Til The End: If the Killer hooks a Survivor that is not the Obsession, the Obsession will become exposed and their aura will be briefly revealed. Alternatively, if you hook the Obsession, a random Survivor will scream and become the new Obsession.

Batteries Included: When Survivors complete a Generator, the Killer receives a movement speed boost while in the Generator’s range.


Dead by Daylight: Chucky releases on November 28. PC players can now play as the killer doll in the public test build (PTB) on Steam.

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