Survive Your Stay At ‘Nightfall Hollow’

Credit: Lee Hall, Jonathan Haselden, Vexed Enigma 7 Deadlyspud Productions

Uncover the truth and investigate the mysterious and unusual town of Nightfall Hollow. Developers Lee Hall, Jonathan Haseldine, and Vexed Enigma along with Deadlyspud Productions have set a planned release date of August 21, 2024, for their 2D pixel horror game. Nightfall Hollow is a psychological horror action-adventure game that guarantees players a chilling experience. What’s more, players can now experience the opening chapter of the game with their demo on Steam.

The Story

Assume the role of an investigative journalist who unexpectedly receives an unexplainable email that directs you to the strange town Nightfall Hollow. Intrigued by curiosity, you delve deeper, uncovering a history rich with inexplicable happenings. With your career teetering on the edge, you go on a journey to learn more about the town. As well as who it was that sent you the email.

Credit: Lee Hall, Jonathan Haselden, Vexed Enigma 7 Deadlyspud Productions


Step into the shoes of the protagonist and engage with the locals. Attempting to know more about the supernatural rumors enveloping the town. Whether you manage to capture their attention, extract the complete narrative from them, or even secure their assistance. It all hinges on your actions and decisions.

Meticulously explore your surroundings and unearth concealed details about both the residents and the town to find the truth. Moreover, the rapport you establish with characters depends on your choices. As well as the crucial intel you gather about their backgrounds and the history of the town. Overcome intricate puzzles by utilizing your intellect to solve them. Capture a resident’s attention or unlock an area to try and complete the challenge.

Nightfall Hollow has a multitude of potential endings and a wealth of lore to uncover. In addition, the game comes with lots of concealed surprises creating excitement that compels you to return time and again. Furthermore, the stimulating choices create ample reasons to immerse yourself in the game.

You can now wishlist Nightfall Hollow on Steam and their demo is currently live.


Check out their trailer below:

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