Nostalgic 1970’s Text-Based Adventure Game ‘I Doesn’t Exist’ Gets Trailer Drop and Release Date Set

Credit: LUAL Games KIG

LUAL Games KIG and DreadXP plan to release a thrilling new text-based adventure, ‘I Doesn’t Exist,’ later this year. This game is nostalgic of the 1970s with its pixelated graphics and an old-fashioned command console, ‘I Doesn’t Exist’ brings a unique gaming style to the table. Initially starting as a Kickstarter campaign, ‘I Doesn’t Exist’ is almost done with development, with lots of exciting features on the way.

Credit: LUAL Games KIG

Escape an unfamiliar forest as you encounter strange objects in your environment. The only way out? Exploring via text prompts that you must answer on your own. Using conversational AI technology to prompt the story onward, players must be creative in how they play. The AI will only detect certain keywords, with no hint as to what they are.

This game provides insight on various themes, such as mental health. From the gameplay to the music, every aspect of this game promises a unique experience for each play through. ‘I Doesn’t Exist’ will be released on September 12 on Steam. Act 1 of the game can currently be played as a demo. You can view the trailer below.

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