Nostalgic PS1-era Psychological Thriller ‘CONCRETE VISIONS’ Available Now

Credit: DOSMan Games | VoxPop Games

Teleport back in time with DOSMan Games’ new survival horror FPS CONCRETE VISIONS. Inspired by retro classics like Condemned: Criminal Origins and Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy, the Ps1-aesthetic game uses disturbing photo-sourced lofi atmospheres to throw players into its nightmarish landscape.

CONCRETE VISIONS is a psychological thriller FPS that focuses on brutally visceral combat and environmental exploration. Based in the town of Stonebrook, players are left to explore the nightmarish lo-fi streets. After the residents have seemingly disappeared, leaving the town in desolation, only the junkies, dregs, and scum remain. But they’ve got their sights set on you.

Fight your way through the town in search of Malone, the cult-like leader of the miscreants and probable reason for the town’s desolation. Players can use their bloody fists, lead pipes, knives, and firearms to find answers and freedom.

In addition to the title’s release, the developers also made a Tips & Tricks video to help players survive the horrors of Stonebrook. Plus, the developers have given players another hint to make surviving just a little easier: find DOSMan in each level. Rumor has it, he’ll give you something very useful for your journey.

CONCRETE VISIONS is now available for PC via Steam.


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