Everything To Know Before Playing ‘Phasmophobia’

Credit: Kinetic Games

Kinetic Games’ psychological horror game, Phasmophobia, has taken Twitch by storm. It is currently one of the most popular games to stream among games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Among Us.

Phasmophobia is a 4 player co-op game where you and your friends play as paranormal investigators. Your goal is to gather evidence and survive the haunting of the ghost.

Before you start playing, check out our guide on Phasmophobia below.



The Contracts will act as your missions for Phasmophobia. They will give you basic information like the location and difficulty levels.

Proximity Chat

Unlike most online games, Phasmophobia uses proximity chat. Proximity Chat is an area-based communication method, meaning the further you are from another player, the quieter they get.


The journal has everything you need to know about the ghosts in the game. Each ghost is listed with their strengths, weaknesses, and the evidence types you will need to identify it. The back of the journal is where you document everything about the ghost. There are three evidence types needed in order to correctly identify the ghost. If you fail to identify the ghost, you will not be awarded money at the end of the round, which will prevent you from being able to purchase equipment for the next round.


During each contract, there will be four objectives listed on the whiteboard in the truck. Each successfully completed objective will get you a base of $10, plus extra depending on the difficulty level. Many of the objectives can be extremely difficult using the starting equipment. Here are a few examples of objectives:

-Discover what type of Ghost are we dealing with. (this will always be listed)

-Capture a photo of the Ghost

-Detect a room below 10 Celsius with a Thermometer.

The Truck

The truck will serve as mission control for each contract. Here your equipment is stored, you can check on your teammate’s sanity levels, get objectives from the whiteboard, and monitor evidence through the screens.



As part of your investigation, you have to record evidence in order to solve the mystery of what ghost is haunting the location.  Evidence can be gathered in ‘ghost rooms’ – aka the room where the being stays in if they are not targeting a team member.

Ghost Orb

Ghost Orbs appear in the ghost room and can be seen with the video camera or head-mounted camera using the monitors back in the truck. They appear as small yellowish-white orbs.

Spirit Box

In order for the Spirit Box to work, the player has to be in the room the ghost is in and have the lights off in order to expect a response. Depending on the ghost type, you may have to be alone in the room to get an answer.

Here are a few examples of questions to ask that will guarantee responses:

-What is your name?

-How old are you?

-Can you show yourself?

-What do you want?


Fingerprints are left behind when the ghost interacts with the environment around you. You can see them using the UV light or glowstick on surfaces like doors, light switches, and windows.

EMF Level 5

EMF level 5’s are indicated with the use of the EMF Reader when the ghost is interacting with the environment you are in. When you have the EMF Reader equipped, all five of the should flicker on – any less will not count for the evidence types. It can be tricky to gather but can be aided with the use of an Ouija board.

Freezing Temperatures

When using the Thermometer, if the temperature drops to 0 Celsius or below, get ready because that means the ghost is in the room with you. The player can also see their breaths

Ghost Writing

To get Ghost Writing, you will have to place the journal in the Ghost Room. Speaking and taunting the ghost can help to get results faster. But be careful, saying their name repeatedly can anger them, causing the ghost to lash out.


Ghost Types

Each Ghost has specific characteristics that you will have to identify in order to complete your objectives.

Banshee – EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, and Freezing Temperatures.

Demon – Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Writing, and Spirit Box.

Jinn – EMF Level 5, Ghost Orb, and Spirit Box.

Mare – Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orb, and Spirit Box.

Oni – EMF Level 5, Ghost Writing, and Spirit Box.

Phantom – EMF Level 5, Freezing Temperatures, and Ghost Orb.

Poltergeist – Fingerprints, Ghost Orb, and Spirit Box.

Revenant – EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, and Ghost Writing.

Shade – EMF Level 5, Ghost Orb, and Ghost Writing.

Spirit – Spirit Box, Fingerprints, Ghost Writing.

Wraith – Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures, and Spirit Box.

Yurei – Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orb, and Ghost Writing.


The game is currently available for Early Access. According to the developers, the full version with added content should be released in 2021.

Purchase Phasmophobia on Steam here.

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