‘Pinewood Valley’ Announces Upcoming Beta Release Date

Pinewood Valley
Credit: Cold Chop Studio

Horror fans rejoice in anticipation of the upcoming game Pinewood Valley. This title will let you experience a horror movie firsthand, although pump the breaks before you speed off to play. PC gamers will soon have access to a beta release through either Steam or Itch.io, about half a year after its alpha release.

Credit: Cold Chop Studio

Game Details

This game’s FPS open-world style will lend itself to the haunting atmosphere as you try to survive the night. You take on the role of a young man in 2006. He returns to his hometown years after he left due to a terrible occurrence at a local summer camp. He finds that the whole town is either dead or missing. There are several options for how to approach solving what has happened. You must decide whether you’ll run, hide, or fight. There are other survivors you may encounter along the way, all trying to make it to sunrise. There’s plenty to go around, however, as there are several killers on the loose. Although there are some new foes to be weary of, you may find a few familiar faces among them.

If you decide to fight you may be in for an uphill battle, but at least you won’t be going in empty-handed! Exploring the setting may be in your best interest regardless, as you could find a wide selection of weapons ready to use! Remember though, these are killers trained through their own firsthand experience. Just like in the films, they won’t be going down easy.

Product Timeline

While we can predict the full release is still a bit of a way off, don’t let out a sigh of disappointment yet! Your murder can still be near, as those spooky souls squeal with excitement to learn the beta will be released on the extremely fitting October, Friday the 13th. Until then, be sure to add Pinewood Valley to your wishlist on Steam or bookmark it on Itch.io.