Puppet Horror ‘My Friendly Neighborhood’ Out Now

One looks like Gritty, that's all you need to know

Credit: DreadXP

Saturday morning cartoons were a necessity for most childhoods. But after a while, we grow out of them and stop watching. But what happens to those singing friendly puppets that taught us about things like hygiene and being a good friend? Well, the answer is finally here in DreadXP‘s My Friendly Neighborhood.

Credit: DreadXP

My Friendly Neighborhood (MFN) is a survival-puzzler with a few unique tricks up its felt-lined sleeves. Take on the role of Gordon O’Brian, a gruff and grumpy repairman sent out to stop the broadcast of the beloved (and canceled) children’s show The Friendly Neighborhood. But the supposedly empty studio lot has a few inhabitants lurking (and dancing) in the shadows.

Fight off the floppy-armed puppets as you race to finish your goal. But watch out for ammo and other vital resources – supplies and space are limited and the puppets are relentless(ly happy). Search for clues to solve puzzles, unlock keys, and learn about the studio and its inhabitant’s pre-cancellation.

My Friendly Neighborhood is currently available for PC on Steam and Itch.io. A console version for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S will be announced at a later date.


Check out the trailer below:

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