Ranking the Creepiest Episodes of Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Series

Unsolved Mysteries
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Netflix is asking for a little help to solve some ‘Unsolved Mysteries.’ The streaming service dropped 6 news episodes of the nostalgic series just a few days ago and it had the internet buzzing with which one was the creepiest episode along with some fan theories. So we revisited each episode to rank the ones we thought were the creepiest and why.


Unsolved Mysteries
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6: No Ride Home

This particular story hits close to home since Downright Creepy HQ is located in Kansas City, MO. It is a tragic story that feels racially motivated and in our current civil climate feels more important than ever.

Alonzo Brooks vanished after a party in rural Kansas. His body is found a month later by this family after what was said to be a through investigation by the local police department of La Cygne, Kansas, an hour away from his home in Gardner, Kansas. Many believe that his unsolved death is a hate crime and it is hard to really think it was anything more than that. After a month long investigation by the La Cygne police department they finally allowed the family to search the property for themselves. After only 30 minutes they found the body of Alonzo Brooks on the side of a creek bed. Sparking controversy and questions about how the police department never found the body when it seems to be so out in the open.

Nothing seems supernatural is at play here. Just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, around some intolerable people in a town seemingly full of people willing to cover-up a death. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation closed the file in 2019. However the FBI officially re-opened Brooks’ case on June 11, 2020, approximately three weeks before the Netflix docuseries premiered.

Unsolved Mysteries
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5: Missing Witness

Another episode that hit a little to close to home was ‘Missing Witness’ that takes place in both Missouri and Arkansas. Lena Chapin claims on tape that her mother, Sandra “Sandy” Klemp, killed her stepfather. Several years later, she’s issued a subpoena to testify in court — then disappears. Lena grew up in a large family of sisters and her mother, Sandy, was known to date several men and when she got tired of them she would move on to the next man. Often times someone her ex-boyfriend or husband knew.

In the docuseries we see that Sandra cheated on her second husband, Albert McCullough, with his brother, Gary. This is where gut punch after gut punch begins. Albert was a loving step-father to the girls and was betrayed by Sandy and his own brother. Each time she found a new man the family would often times move. Turns out Albert may have dodged a bullet by leaving her. Literally.

As seen in the docuseries when Sandra became tired of Gary she once again cheated on her husband with another man. This time with Kris Klemp. Gary found out and he was silenced when Sandra shot him in the head. Then disposed of the body by burning it.

One problem, her daughter Lena knew about everything.

It is implied that when Lena broke her silence to her former step-father, Albert, that Sandra had to keep her quiet about the alleged murder as well. But then again, this is called ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ so who is to truly say. Sandra and Kris Klemp never appear in the episode – but one thing is for certain, when Lena’s sister Brandi Petersen was told by their mother she up and moved to Florida and left her son Colter behind – well that just didn’t add up. To our knowledge Sandra is now raising Colter as her own and the mystery remains unsolved.



Unsolved Mysteries
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4: Mystery on the Rooftop

After rushing from his home, Rey Rivera disappears. Days later, his car is found — and a strange sight at a historic hotel triggers a baffling mystery. While all of these stories are odd in their own way, this one in particular took a turn that I was not expecting. Not only are the circumstances surrounding Rey peculiar but his apparent secret life he was potentially living. Was he a part of the Free Masons? Did he have some debt to pay his best friend who wouldn’t speak about the situation surrounding the death of Rey?

The internet has unearth an interesting theory on Reddit regarding the 1997 film, ‘The Game.’ The film’s plot includes a man that is driven to the brink of insanity and jumps from a roof to his death. Sound familiar? Why is this important? Well, you may remember Rey’s strange note that was taped to the side of his computer. Contained in the note was a lot of odd things about films and the plot of those films. Included on the list was ‘The Game.’ Is this a coincidence or something directly related to his death?

The c0-creator of ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ Terry Dunn Meurer, has some information about the case that sheds some new light on it. She recently spoke to
Entertainment Weekly, and revealed that she spoke with Rivera’s wife about a possible connection between his death and a movie referenced in a strange note he left behind. (Special thanks to Thrillist for some additional information)

“She’s spent a lot of time with that note, as did the FBI, just going through the note trying to figure out if there were any clues or anything else in there,” Meurer told EW after talking to Rey’s wife, Allison.

“She doesn’t place any significance on the movie The Game. Rey liked a lot of different types of movies. He was just a guy who was interested in everything. If he had only ever left just that writing or if it was the only thing he had ever written randomly, then people would be a little bit more suspect. But this is what he did all the time. He kept so many journals full of random writing. Allison feels that she’s been through all the journals just trying to find any clue that could help her figure out what happened to him, and she couldn’t find any real or strong connections in The Game.”


Unsolved Mysteries
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3: Berkshire UFO

Residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, recall their baffling, terrifying experiences with a UFO on the night of September 1, 1969. Surprisingly this is the only supernatural / alien episode we get from the docuseries and it is very intriguing.

While multiple people are featured in the episode claiming to have seen the same UFO at the same time in different areas within a 15 mile radius there is one boy in particular that had experiences after the initial 1969 sighting.

Thom Reed, who was only 9 years old at the time, has opened up more about his story and has official documentation confirming his experience.

Reed had just finished a meal at his family’s restaurant in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (Berkshire County) and was driving back home with his brother in the back seat of their car while his grandmother was in the passengers seat. Their mother was driving home. They decided to take a shortcut over a covered bridge in town and when they exited the bridge they saw a bright light filling their entire car like it was daylight. One problem, it was at night. The light seemed to be coming from a large flying object that could not be identified. Soon after the family couldn’t remember what happened as they all passed out. When they woke up a few hours later it seemed like time had stood still. One noticeable difference…his grandmother was in the drivers seat where his mother once sat before the object in the sky appeared. Reed’s grandmother never drove so it made no sense why she would be in the driver’s seat when they came to.

In a recent interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel, Reed said that the encounter has been a talk of the town for years. During the episode he says he has taken and passed more than one polygraph test to confirm the event he describes took place.

“I talk about this because I’m on this campaign to straighten out or to clear up the earlier tabloid or cartoon-like coverage, which is unfair,” Reed told the paper. “It’s not fair to those people who have gone out on a limb to support this.”

But this is not the only close encounter Reed has had. According to Thom he has had two other encounters take place as well.

The thing that makes this incident creepy isn’t the fact that one man saw a UFO, it is that multiple people experience something that could not be explained that night in the sky in different areas of town. Something that may never be truly explained.



Unsolved Mysteries
2: 13 Minutes

The episode ’13 Minutes’ focuses on Patrice Endres who abruptly vanishes from the salon she owned within a 13-minute window of time. Exactly 600 days later, her case takes a shocking turn and we learn about a bizarre character that enters her life along the way. Her husband, Rob.

Patrice seemed like a loving mom that everyone in town adored. Her salon became not only a place of business but a place to socialize. The day started out like any other when she arrived at her salon after dropping her son, Pistol, off at school – but as the synopsis reads something went wrong in the space of 13 minutes. She disappeared without a trace until her skeleton remains were found by two men in the woods a year later.

While they had a suspect all but confess to the murder the story isn’t as cut and dry as you may think and that is where the creeping suspicion about her then husband Rob comes into play.

He didn’t like her son and refused to let him back in the house ever again when Patrice was reported missing. According to the docuseries he seemed possessive of her and jealous if she spoke to anyone other than him, including her own son. After she died Rob received the remains of Patrice Endres and even slept with the ashes from time to time.  Sleeping with the ashes I will give him a slight pass on, but it is the request he made to the Funeral Director that feels creepy. He requested that Patrice’s remains (bones) be laid out so he could spend one last moment with her. Rob describes how he picked up the skull and carried it around for awhile before kissing it and laying it back down. I know everyone grieves differently but this just seems, well, downright creepy.

Rob has since moved on and remarried another women. Patrice’s murder still remains unsolved with no new leads. We hope that someday her son Pistol will find the answers he has been looking for surrounding his mother’s untimely death.



Unsolved Mysteries
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1: House of Terrors

This episode felt like it could be considered for a new season of True Detective. When an aristocrat and his entire family disappear, the authorities unearth something horrifying sparking a huge who done it mystery.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was the charming man next door who had the seemingly perfect life. He had a charming wife, four beautiful teenage children and two dogs.

A neighbor notices the house seems oddly lifeless for a few days then discovers a note on the door to stop all mail services. This makes her becomes increasingly suspicious that something has gone terribly wrong – and she would be right.

After a handful of visits by police to inspect the house, they didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, until the fifth visit on April 20, 2011. That is when an officer found something odd under the front terrace of the home. Loose dirt. It was here where the bodies of Xavier’s wife, four children and dogs were uncovered. Meticulously wrapped in plastic. The one body that was missing? Xavier’s.

It is later revealed in the episode that he found a gun at his dying father’s home which he took with him. Later learning how to use it at a local firing range. The same range where he took his sons from time to time. He even asked the instructor specifically about a silencer attachment so he could potentially shoot the gun at his residence without the neighbors knowing it was taking place. This is a huge detail in the story as the family was found to be shot in their sleep. The neighbors reportedly never hear a thing that night.

As police reconstruct where Xavier may have been during this time they track down receipts and credit card purchases. He can be seen checking in to a hotel parking lot and waving goodbye to the closed caption camera as he heads to the mountains carrying what appears to be a gun case never to be seen again. Sparking the question did he go there to kill himself in a remote dense area of the mountains or just do it to throw off the police?

There have been a few potential leads through the years, but nothing has ever materialized into actually tracking him down. For me this was the most grim episode in the series.


What was your most intriguing episode?

So there you have it. My creepiest episodes of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ from one to six. What episode that caught your attention the most? Is there a case you would like to see them focus on in season 2? Sound off in the comment sections or tell us on social @DownrightCreepy.



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