Hero Character Guides and Abilities for Redfall

who knew the end of the world would start in Massachusetts's?

Credit: Bethesda

The world is changing, and it’s starting with Redfall. Bethesda and Arkane Austin’s Redfall is an open-world FPS following the events of a group of vampires taking over the island town of Redfall. Players can retake the town solo or with friends in the co-op mode. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends, utilizing your character’s abilities is key to surviving the vampire takeover. This guide will serve as a quick rundown of the four protagonists and their abilities.

Layla Ellison – The Telekinetic

Credit: Bethesda

Before the events of Redfall, Layla was studying Biomedical Engineering at Redfall Technical University. As her student debt began to surpass manageability, it led her to sign up for a medical study at Aevum Therapeutics. However, the study takes a wrong turn, leaving Layla with telekinetic powers and her boyfriend, Jason, as a (friendly) vampire. Layla’s skills increase mobility and verticality for herself and her teammates in combat.



Layla can deploy a telekinetic umbrella to shield herself and her teammates from incoming projectiles. Not only can players deflect projectiles, but you can also launch the Umbrella, damaging enemies in its path.


This lift skill allows players to summon a Telekinetic elevator to easily access rooftops.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend

Layla is able to summon her friendly vampire ex-boyfriend, Jason, to assist in battle. Vampire Ex-Boyfriend is recharged by picking up psychic residue after destroying a vampire or cultist.


Jacob Boyer – The Mercenary

Credit: Bethesda

Jacob Boyer a former sniper in the special forces now turned mercenary after his discharge. As a mercenary, Jacob accepted a contract with Bellwhether Security, which brought him to Redfall. However, after the town fell to vampires and a nasty confrontation with a vampiric ‘god’, Jacob gained strange powers and a new friend. Jacob can summon his new spectral raven friend to assist in battle.



Jacob’s new friend, the spectral raven. The raven can scout ahead and tag enemies, leaving them highlighted in red.


Players can activate a cloaking device to enable Jacob to become invisible to enemies. While the duration lasts 10 seconds, players have a limited number of shots before the cloak breaks.


The aptly named Heartstopper is a sniper rifle that can deliver lethal headshots.


Remi de la Rosa – The Engineer

Credit: Bethesda

An expert in search and rescue, this Coast Guard member is dedicated to saving lives. The expert combat engineer can use her prototype robot Bribon to aid those in need.



Remi can deploy Bribon to create a diversion to lure enemies away from your team. Players can upgrade this ability to have Bribon shock and damage lured enemies.

C4 Charge

Remi is able to lay down C4 charges to both surfaces and enemies. Players can also strap Bribon with charges before sending him towards enemies, or to clear out explosive hazards.


Remi combines her combat and rescue expertise to place a beacon. This beacon not only continuously heals players, but can also revive those in its radius.


Devinder Crousley – The Inventor

Credit: Bethesda

Cryptozoologist. Self-taught inventor. Online influencer.  Need I say more? (yes, yes I do.) Devinder is the expert on all things weird and wonderful. After releasing his most recent book “Like a Mothman to the Flame”, Devinder finds himself stuck in Redfall. However, he realizes his inventions originally intended for cryptids can help take down the vampire gods.


Arc Javelin

Devinder can throw a javelin that sends out powerful bolts of electricity to damage or stun enemies in chain lightning.


While the vampire gods may have blocked out the sun, Devinder can utilize UV light against vampires and humans. The UV emitter petrifies vampires, while human cultists become temporarily blind.


Players can activate Devinder’s Translocate ability to quickly get from one place to another.


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