Scorching BBQ Event Returns to ‘Dead by Daylight’

I love the smell of Burning Flesh in the morning

Dead by Daylight BBQ Event
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

The Scorching BBQ event is returning to Dead by Daylight. After almost five years, the summer event is back and ready to cook up some twisted eats.

What’s Happening at the Cookout

The Scorching BBQ event will be held August 3 through August 17. During the two-week event, a special Event Tome will open up for players to get exclusive Cosmetics and Charms. Players will be able to unlock summery fits for Jake Park and The Clown while getting some on-brand charms like a Margarita, Killer Sauce, and a King of the Grill.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Similar to other limited-time events, players will see event-themed Sizzling Hooks and Slushie Generators while in trials. Plus, players can unlock the BBQ Invitation in the Bloodweb and bring it to trials to grant 100% Bloodpoints to the summer-themed Hooks and completed Generator repairs.

The Scorching BBQ Event comes from a month of exciting news from Behaviour Interactive. The studio released their first non-fictional franchise character Chapter with Nicolas Cage and gave fans a sneak peek at the next Chapter, Alien. During the teaser, fans were able to see a glimpse at the Xenomorph and the unnerving environment of what was possibly the early days of the Nostromo.