SDCC 2021: Behind the Scenes of ‘The Winchester Mystery House’ Comic Series

Credit: Source Point Press / Ox Eye Media

The massive mansion in San Jose, California, as its name implies, is full of mystery and intrigue. Making it a prime story to adapt into a brand new comic series. Writer Joshua Werner and Artist Dustin Irvin, sat down to discuss working on the new comic series revolving around Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House.

While building the comic series, it was important to those involved to stay true to the story. Researching everything from clothes worn during the late 1800s and early 1900s to the tools used during this time. An immense amount of detail has gone into telling this intriguing story in a comic style. The comic series begins in 1886, following the death of Sarah Winchester’s husband and daughter. Building the story of the incredible labyrinth designed by Sarah from the very beginning.

“This is more than just a panel for the exciting Comic-Con @Home event,” says Werner. “It’s a mini-documentary, diving deep into the behind-the-scenes creation of this historic-fiction horror tale.”

Winchester Mystery House
Credit: Source Point Press / Ox Eye Media

“The Winchester Mystery House is a labyrinth full of secrets, and it is my great pleasure to bring those secrets to the reader and unravel them,” says Werner. “Sarah Winchester was a brilliant person, incredibly ahead of her time, and deliciously complex. Weaving her tale and the story of this house into the comic book medium with the beautiful art of Dustin Irvin is a dream come true. And the reader is in for some shocks and surprises.”


The fascinating story of Sarah Winchester and her unique construction of the mansion will transition perfectly to a horror comic series. The amount of detail that has gone into the research for the project is incredible. Issue one of the series will arrive in stores on October 27th with preorders starting at the beginning of August.

That’s Strange did an episode on ‘The Winchester Mystery House’ which you can check out here. Stay Tuned to Downright Creepy all weekend for the latest from SDCC 2021.

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