Shark Week Games to Bring the Fins Out

Get Ready to Fear The Wave

Maneater Shark Week
Credit: Deep Silver

The sea brings many unknown surprises, but sharks are a long-standing staple in any sea-based media. With Shark Week now upon us, the fin is sticking out of the water in a menacing approach. Although this time was originally intended to boost conservatory efforts and dismiss misbeliefs surrounding these beloved sea beasts. In horror, however, they are still a standard trope for the great blue which is why we’ve collected a list of some beloved shark-centric games.

Stranded Deep

Shark Jumping Out The SeaCredit: Beam Team Games

A plane crash places players in the Pacific Ocean, abandoned without a way to get help. In this multiplayer and survival-based open RPG, you may die before the sharks even have a chance to get you. With a plethora of sharks within this virtual ocean, while not all are dangerous, there are definitely a few that would make the cut for the deadliest catch. If you are more of a fan of the original model, however, this game uses a megalodon as one of its bosses.

Endless Ocean 2

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Now the occasional Wii title to find its way onto a list, Endless Ocean 2, is a game enshrouded in an academic lens. A student studying folklore delves into the deep, pursuing the legend Songs of Dragons. While a wide array of sharks exist in this game, one of the bosses and the most terrifying ocean hound is a great white. Aptly, this boss is named Thanatos after the Greek god of death. Dead, which is what you will be if you don’t watch yourself.


Abzu Swim Through the Sea
Credit: Giant Squid

Next is an adventure game that truly left its mark. More than that, Abzu is an experience, one wasn’t just limited to its gorgeous visuals. This game received a pile of various award nominations for its incredible design, as a game that truly presents video games as an art form. Not only is this sea exploration about repairing marine life and its ecosystems, but it also includes accurate shark behavior for a variety of species.


A Maneater Approaches
Credit: Deep Silver

If you’re more of a fan of the scary version of sharks, then Maneater‘s realistic models might appeal to you as you become the monster in the deep! Turn into a shark in this RPG as you work to level, upgrade, and evolve to become the most powerful sea trench hound around.

PlayStation VR Worlds: Ocean Descent

Player In a Cage
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

A VR game with several levels available, although currently were specifically talking about the level Ocean Descent. The player inhabits a cage slowly lowered into an underwater wreck on a salvage mission. Your role as the player is to maintain course, and not to let the obstacles stop you. Be careful though, alongside everything that could be of concern, there’s a great white on the prowl hidden among the shadows.

Ocean Rift

Credit: Picselica Ltd

Another similar VR experience, Ocean Rift, lets the bars of a cage protect you once more. This time, however, you’re more focused on education surrounding the sea life rather than treasures. With 14 habitats to explore, this title has a great white that is comparatively a bit less bloodthirsty. It even includes prehistoric aquatic creatures in its viewing experience.

Beyond Blue

Credit: E-Line Media

For those more interested in learning about the deep sea rather than fearing its mystery, Beyond Blue, hones in on ocean exploration. Playing in the near future as a scientist in a diving exploration, there is plenty of marine life to explore. What really sets this title apart is that its developers partnered with the nature documentary Blue Planet II and several marine biologists to design its creature models, as well as their behaviors to accurately model them after reality.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Dark Abyss Squid
Credit: Studio Wildcard

Now, departing from reality and moving beyond the near future, Ark: Survival Evolved introduces dinosaurs as the center of its wildlife. Among these intimidating beasts, the player can encounter the deadly megalodon. This shark ancestor is known for its overwhelming size relative to its modern counterpart. If instead of a fight, however, you seek companionship, in this title you are also able to tame and ride these majestic figures.


Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Up to a four-player experience, this open ocean survival leaves its motley crew with little more than a grappling hook to stay afloat. Stranded on a dingy of a raft, sharks act as a terrifying antagonist. Although they are dangerous, their scariest trait is their willingness to chew through your raft itself!

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2

Credit: Lighthouse Games Studio

In this game, the death match with your fellow man takes place underwater, and they aren’t your only concern. Players can be given control of a great white shark to join in on the chaos, creating a dual-sided threat to your survival. Will you be the last living thing standing on this battlefield?


Credit: Digital Confectioners

Although Depth may have a similar gameplay loop to Shark Attack Deathmatch, the difference between the two is the game is designed more akin to Dead by Daylight. Except the killer in this game is two kings of the sea! While two players play as sharks and work to kill the other players. While there is an option to have AI control the sharks, a little competition can always be fun, and either will result in some terrifying encounters. With high-quality visual and audio elements,  you’ll want to gather all your senses to prepare for rapidly oncoming jumpscares.

Sea Of Thieves

Megalodon Boss
Credit: Rare

This game made a big splash on its release! For those seeking to fulfill a pirate fantasy, this should hopefully satiate such a thirst. With so many underwater threats present, it’s no surprise that this title includes a few sharks. In case your really looking to prove yourself as the apex predator, they also introduce a megalodon as one of the boss encounters.

Far Cry 3

Credit: Ubisoft

Far Cry is a renowned franchise, and the 3rd game continued that trend of high-quality polish. This open-world FPS is infamous for its harsh setting, and good gear will be necessary to brave this journey. This game allows players to try and explore the sea which includes our favorite sandpaper skin friends. The sharks in this game have an almost uncomfortably realistic look and will swiftly make their way to you in hordes. Just pray you don’t need shark skin for that next crafting recipe.

Resident Evil HD

Tentacles Emerging From The Abyss
Credit: Capcom Production Studio 4

We are a horror-based outlet, after all, so it’s only right we end on a horror game! Resident Evil HD incorporates giant mutated sharks beneath The Spencer Mansion. Born from the Neptune project, these sharks will hunt the player while under a stressful time limit within various puzzle rooms.