Choose Life and Death in ‘New Silent Hill: Ascension’ Trailer

It's a new type of trauma bonding.

Credit: Genvid Entertainment

First announced during the Silent Hill Transmission, fans were able to get a new inside look at Silent Hill: Ascension during Feardemic’s Fear Fest. In an interview with Feardemic, Genvid Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Stephan Bugaj spoke about the interactive series.

Silent Hill: Ascension will be a live interactive fiction production by Bad Robot, Genvid Entertainment, and Behaviour Interactive. During the event, fans will be able to log on to the Ascension site or ports to choose canon-changing events in real time. In the interview, Bugaj revealed that the event would host new sequences and action settings daily that could span over months.

To participate in the live production, predetermined times will be announced to tune in for the decisions. Not only will viewers be able to choose, but also participate through gameplay. During scenes, quicktime events will trigger, leaving viewers to decide whether or not to complete the action. These actions can cause characters to become severely injured, lose hope, or even die. However, there is no resetting once events are rolling.

While players could normally load a previous save to prevent themselves from dying, once a character’s set on a pathway, there is no going back. With these choice-based options, the creative team anticipates for characters to die off. To circumvent this, multiple protagonists will be leading the Silent Hill: Ascension story. As the series is airing, fans will not be able to view the outcomes of the other choices. Instead, the Genvid team is looking into allowing fans the possibility to see the non-canonical threads after its completion.

Who will survive the nightmares? More importantly, will they receive redemption, suffering, or damnation?


Silent Hill: Ascension will premiere later this year.


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