25 Games to Check Out During Steam’s Summer Sale

25 Suggestions for 2023!

Choo Choo Charles
Credit: Two Star Games

Steam Summer Sale Theme 2023

The Summer Sale returned to the Steam store page, and there are plenty of deals you don’t want to miss out on before the 13th! Of course, there are so many big-name titles with prices slashed down to the bone that you’ll be hard-pressed to not have anything spark interest. But, with so many options, it can definitely be an overwhelming task to find a good deal on a new hidden gem. Especially if you haven’t had anything on your Wishlist get those sensational sales you were waiting on.

Don’t panic! Well, not yet at least, because we’ll help you find a few virtual haunts for sale this time around. While hopefully, our horror recommendations will help maintain that summer excitement, I’ve included a few more relaxed rides to help you all keep your cool.

Hunt: Showdown

To start getting your blood pumping during this sale, this title is a surefire option. This cutthroat game pits a handful of teams, either solo or squads, against one another in a monster hunt. Once the atrocity has been taken care of, each of these teams is unleashed on one another in an all-out brawl. ($39.99 15.99)

Hunt Showdown
Credit: Crytek


Credit: CyberLight Game Studio

If Hunt sounds like a blast, but you don’t like the idea of confronting other hunter’s on your search, then maybe this is more your speed. In this game you have two aims, survive and prove that this famous cryptid is real once and for all. Whether you are looking to set out on your own, or you want to prove your friend’s existence, this game can do both. ($19.99 15.99)

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid
Credit: The Indie Stone

Have you ever fantasized about your full-proof zombie apocalypse plan? Well in this open-world sandbox, you can live out that horrific day-to-day experience in real time with an expansive RPG and crafting system. Just in case you get lonely, you can rope your friends into your doomsday too! ($19.99 13.39)

Left 4 Dead Bundle

Left 4 Dead 2 Horde
Credit: Valve

Onto a zombie game bundle that needs no introduction, both Left 4 Dead games are classic titles for any regular gamer. If they aren’t already in your library, now’s the time! Get both of them for less than a dollar before the sale ends! ($9.99 0.74)

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village
Credit: Capcom USA

Though not the newest game in its series, Resident Evil is a game that can sell itself on name recognition alone, and this version is only one generation removed from the latest release. If your looking for zombie survival, well-crafted storytelling, or even just graphic gory action, this might be just what you need. ($39.99 19.99)

Dying Light

Dying Light
Credit: Techland

If all your looking for is to live out the action hero plot of a zombie apocalypse movie, this game follows your character trapped within a city during the climax of the initial outbreak. Like all well-known zombie plots, your only concern is staying alive long enough to see the next sunrise. ($39.99 8.99)

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

Though zombies are a horror classic, not everyone is a fan of those slow rotting husks. For a slight spin on a standard formula, The Killing Floor Series, stars mutant creatures rather than the undead. Against distorted bodies, you and your team are dead centers within waves of enemies. It’s without a doubt a slaughterhouse, so who’s dying next? ($29.99 7.49)

Dead Space

Dead Space
Credit: Motive Studios

A release fresh off the presses, or from this year at least! This sci-fi survival is well known by many horror fans, and its latest game continues its trend of impressing audiences with stunning visuals, audio, and atmosphere. EA embeds the quiet of the cosmos with not only the psychological terror of being alone but also being hunted down while you stew in your own head. The only question left is, can you find her first? ($59.99 41.99)

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation
Credit: the Creative Assembly

Set in the Alien cinematic universe, this game takes place 15 years after the original movie. Taking control of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, you search for answers about the strange circumstances of your mother’s disappearance. Unable to directly confront the existential horrors you’re faced with, your only option is to attempt to use your wits to stay alive. ($39.99 7.99)


Through The Looking Glass
Credit: Arkane Studios

If your seeking a more direct confrontation with extraterrestrials then look no longer. The result of an experiment to alter the course of human development, your character is left alone on a space station with beings not of this world, the last human alive in the face of otherworldly forces. ($29.99 7.49)

Subnautica: Below Zero

Credit: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

After traveling beyond the stars, you may be looking to dive deeper into the abyss which is precisely what you’ll be doing in this sea-based hellscape. Explore the world oceans filled atrocities that usually hide beneath the waves, finally coming out to play. Whether you’re trying to dive back into the pond after the original title, or are a first-timer to this sea-faring planet; both games are available for the same base and sale price! ($29.99 9.98)

Outlast 2

Outlast 2
Credit: Red Barrel Games

Underpinned by religious imagery, this sequel to a cult classic delves into a cult left alone and unchecked after detaching itself from the rest of the world. As they’re bringing their beliefs to life in an attempt to bring about the end times, you and your wife work on your Exposé. Although, your career as a journalist may be cut short by your thirst for knowledge. Curiosity killed the cat as they say. ($29.99 4.49)


Dusk Cultists
Credit: David Szymanski

If you miss the older gaming systems or just the earlier attempts at FPS titles compared to an endless sea of AAA shooters, check this out! This game draws inspiration from various classics such as Quake, Half-life, and more! Fight off cultists and their demonic plot in a retro style to boot! So let’s get back to some of that good ol’ satanic panic! ($19.99 7.99)


Credit: Id Software

Speaking of ’90s favorites, this modern reboot returned a few years and took the market by storm! If you like what Dusk is selling, but aren’t a fan of recreating older graphics then this will surely scratch that itch! ($19.99 4.99)

Remnant: From The Ashes

Credit: Gunfire Games

When interdimensional evils pour into our world, bringing our world to its knees in this post-apocalyptic fantasy. Can you gather enough resources and information to get a leg up against the face of these hoards? ($39.99 13.99)

Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2
Credit: Tarsier Studios / Bandai Namco Entertainment

What could be scarier than otherworldly horrors overtaking our world? Becoming them of course, which is exactly what happens in this platformer adventure. With a friend by your side, can you discover the cause? ($29.99 9.89)

Choo-Choo Charles

Choo Choo Charles
Credit: Two Star Games

Did you ever watch Thomas Tank Engine as a kid? No? Well, this title may or may not be for you, as an atrocity of a train with 8 spider legs follows your, quite literal, tracks. Upgrade your own Choo-choo to fend off this deformed rendition of a child star.  ($19.99 11.99)

Bendy and The Ink Machine: Studio Bundle

Credit: Joey Drew Studios

Speaking of childlike wonder, this studio’s games that are styled like a really old Disney cartoon made a huge media splash when their first release hit the shelves. Although the Frankenstein monster in this title might have a winning smile, it’s not just excited for a new friend or a new day. Now you can get their whole collection of horrors on sale for under $9! ($52.97 8.98)

We Were Here Series Bundle

Credit: Total Mayhem Games

What makes a good scare? One consistent element is the suspense that builds to a climax, one that may or may not follow through just to keep you on the edge of your seat. Well, this co-op puzzle game has you and a partner exploring a decrypt castle in the freezing snow. Both of your survival hinges on your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, so who would you trust as your guide? Who leads, and who follows? ($30.98 13.45)

Postal 4: No Regrets

Credit: Running With Scissors

Nothing is more terrifying than the human mind, although that perspective is in the eye of the beholder. Which, in this case, is a quite psychotic one. The Postal Series lets players live out their strangest FPS impulses as they play through a fairly suburban area. Whether it’s harassing everyday pedestrians, or using a feline as a silencer for your firearm, this game tries to allow tons of out-of-the-box solutions to regular problems. ($19.99 9.99)

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Credit: Runestorm

If your favorite part of horror has always been the blood splattered across a set or the gross aftermath of a violent tragedy, but you feel a bit too antsy for all the action, you’ll love this game. ($12.99 5.19)

Inscrytion: Beginner’s Deck

Credit: Daniel Mullins Games

For those card game fan’s out there, don’t worry you won’t be forgotten about! Inscryption is an atmospheric playing card game against a seemingly all-powerful eldritch entity. While the card game is a blast, the plot built around the shuffling of a demonic deck sets this apart from the rest of the pack. You can currently purchase this bundle for 2 cents less than the individual game, including the developer’s other 2 games! ($34.97 11.97)

Darkest Dungeon

Credit: Red Hook Studios

Are you a fan of traditional fantasy? Have you ever wondered about how mind-bogglingly stressful those adventuring parties must be for their recruits, being a disposable barrier against never-ending evils? Explore the psychological impact of the daily horror encounters through the mechanics of this turn-based roguelike. ($24.99 7.49)

Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy

Credit: Bennett Foddy

Though summer is often known as a time of relaxation, we know that isn’t always the case for everyone. So with this sweet summer deal, you can get your nose back to the grindstone outside of regular office hours. If you ever questioned the boundless limits of your own rage, you might want to rethink what those are, because this game prides itself on crafting a painstaking experience. If the myth of Sisyphus’ taught us anything, is that even repetitive tasks can have value, and at the moment of this sale that value is $2! ($7.99 1.99)

Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition

A Melancholy Goodbye
Credit: Thunder Lotus Games

On the topic of Greek myths, peacefully explore the world on a ship as the ferry master to the dead. Don’t just follow Charon’s example, build your boat to your liking for the journey ahead. Though there are endlessly spooky titles currently on sale you should check out, remember to sit and enjoy the calm when you can as well. The water might even help you beat the heat! ($29.99 5.99)