Super7 Releases New Regan MacNeil Exorcist Action Figure With Vomit

Super7 ReAction Regan Exorcist
Credit: Super7

Super7 has revealed a new Regan MacNeil ReAction figure which features her drenched in vomit. The figure also comes with a vomit-splattered cross and Regan’s head rotates around, just like it did in ‘The Exorcist.’

From Super7’s description, “When the demon Pazuzu possesses young Regan MacNeil, she ends up spewing a lot more than foul language and foreign-tongues while fighting against an exorcism!”

The figure is 3.75” and it weighs 0.19 pounds. “This head-turning (literally!) Regan ReAction Figure will make any horror fan who doesn’t possess one just as green with envy!”

You can purchase the figure at Super7’s online shop for $20.00. Considering this is wave 2, you can purchase the wave 1 Regan action figure as well for $20.00 to complete your Exorcist collectibles collection.