Gothic Metroidvania ‘The Last Faith’ Available Now

It's Bloodborne for PC

Credit: Kumi Souls Games

Join in on the unholy alliance of Kumi Souls Games’ gothic soulslike Metroidvania, The Last Faith. The combat-intense pixel art game is now available on PC and consoles. The brutal Metroidvania follows Eryk, an amnesiac warrior who wakes up with no recollection of his past. However, he soon finds himself in a race for time as he searches for a cure for his deteriorating mind and conscience. The path to salvation is treacherous as he encounters ancient religions and cursed divinities through the towering city of Mythringal.

Credit: Kumi Souls Games / Playstack

Players will get the chance to pick one of four classes, or Combat Styles upon starting a new game. Although there are some similarities between classes, and each starts with the Nightfall Blade, each provides a unique stat to accommodate different playstyles. The Brawler class has increased Strength and Vitality for up-close and personal combat, meanwhile, the Rogue class gives an increased Dexterity stat to allow for long-range weapon use. Meanwhile, the Stargazer, or Mage-like class, allows for an increased Mind stat to successfully cast spells at a distance. Finally, the Marksman class gives players a higher Instinct and Mind stat to give firearms a stronger impact.

The Last Faith is now available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and for PC via Steam.

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