The Outlast Trials Programs in New Halloween Update

New Chess Simulator Just Dropped

Credit: Red Barrels

Step back into the horrors of the Murkoff facility with The Outlast Trials‘ Halloween update. With Halloween just around the corner, Red Barrels will be releasing a huge content update including Weekly Challenges launching November 17, a limited-time event, and a new program. Plus you can now play chess in the Sleep Room!

Program Geister

Credit: Red Barrels

The Outlast Trials‘ first limited-time event, Program Geister, is sure to push the most experienced Reagents to the edge. The event will run from October 27 through November 14 and introduces a few exciting mechanics and cosmetics.

Reagents will be able to play select Trial Programs, however, a few new variators will be in effect. Included in these trials, players can expect increased hallucinations, more Imposters present, enraged enemies, and hidden player names to fully immerse you into a total panic.

Also special to this event are Geister Tokens. Geister Tokens can be gained when succeeding in a Geister Program and can be used to get exclusive outfits and cell customizations.

Trial by… Scapegoat?

Credit: Red Barrels

In addition to Program Geister, Reagents will also be getting two new storylines in the new Program, Courthouse. Reagents are tasked with sabotaging the prosecution of the Murkoff Facility’s ‘innocent institution.’ Courthouse also introduces a new objective enemy: the Scapegoat. Players can use the Tracker to find the Scapegoat to activate a Microwave Trigger device to bring them to an explosive end.

A Trio of Challenges

Credit: Red Barrels

Players will be able to get three new MK-Challenges to complete during different Programs: Drill the Futterman, Release the Prisoners, and Gather the Children of God.

Drill the Futterman: Stop Mother Gooseberry from creating Dr. Futterman in Fun Park.

Release the Prisoners: Free falsely imprisoned convicts in Police Station.

Gather the Children of God: Bring the children to the priest for reeducation in the Orphanage.


The Outlast Trials is now available in Early Access for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.


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