‘The Outlast Trials’: Big Changes Coming Soon!

Credit: Red Barrels

Exciting times are ahead for fans of The Outlast Trials! Red Barrels, the innovative indie game studio, is excited to reveal some thrilling updates for their highly praised game. After a successful launch in Early Access, the team is getting ready to launch on next-gen consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and older ones like PS4 and Xbox One. Plus, players on different platforms can play together since cross-play will be available. While this is exciting news, there are still some challenges the developers are working through. Originally set for 2023, the console release might happen a bit later in early 2024 because of the improvements they want to make.

Credit: Red Barrels

New Way to Play Together

Instead of matching players with trials separately, everyone can team up and choose trials together. This choice means:

  1. Less Waiting: If each trial had its own players, waiting to start could take longer.
  2. Play What You Like: Some trials are more popular, and this way, players can focus on the ones they enjoy most.
  3. More Fun: Picking trials together in the Sleep Room is more immersive and exciting.

What’s Next?

The Outlast Trials community can expect an array of major updates coming soon. Fans can get ready for some Halloween Fun! This will bring in new features like Program 4, new trials, challenges, and a special Halloween event with seasonal rewards. Additionally, the update will also introduce new amps, variators, prescriptions, cosmetics, items, and a sleep room minigame.

Credit: Red Barrels

Listening to Players

Red Barrels is committed to helping improve user experience through feedback. Because of this, players can look forward to getting rewards for trying in the game. This update ensures that players keep getting better items as they continue to play. Another implementation is that if someone is not helping their team, then they won’t get as many rewards. This keeps the game fair and fun for everyone.

Similarly, playing alone will be more balanced, meaning that if a player is struggling, then a new feature that can give them extra lives to help is now available. Additionally, the game’s enemies are getting smarter, and they’ll be better at finding you and making decisions. This is intended to provide players with a better and more intense challenge.

Credit: Red Barrels

Wrap Up

Overall, fans can look forward to the newest patch and its thrilling new features. The game is coming to consoles, and you’ll get to play with friends on different devices. There’s also a lot more to look forward to throughout on the way. Red Barrels’ developers are also listening to players and want to ensure them that the game is going to get better, based on what everyone says.

The Outlast Trials is currently available on Steam for Early Access.


Check out their early access trailer down below:

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