Sabotage Friends in ‘The Walking Dead: Betrayal’ Early Access

Credit: Skybound Games

A Project Winter and Skybound Games’ The Walking Dead: Betrayal has just been released into Early Access and is free to play throughout their launch weekend. Players who log in during the Early Access time will also receive an exclusive Rick Grimes skin.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is a third-person social deception game where 5-8 players must work together to escape. However, Traitors sit amongst your team and will do everything possible to prevent your escape and not get caught. If you thought herds of walkers were your biggest concern – just wait until the people right beside you start their sabotage.

Credit: Skybound Games

Just like the namesake critically acclaimed television series, Betrayal finds a group of Survivors trying to escape the Walkers. As a Survivor, players can leave their Safe Zone to gather vital resources needed to complete objectives, craft new weapons, and cook food. However, players who wander off may become easy targets for Walkers and Traitors.

Although the Traitors may start off weak and outnumbered at the beginning, smart and sneaky manipulations may just let them pull ahead. As a Traitor, there are countless ways to sabotage the Survivors. While Survivors may be concerned about Walkers or gathering resources, you can enact your master plan. Poison much-needed food and interactable items, create noise to attract a new horde, impede team objectives, set traps, or find yourself an isolated Survivor to kill for the ultimate betrayal.

Credit: Skybound Games

However, dying isn’t the end. Players can seek revenge and come back as a Walker. As a Walker, players can teleport and take control over different Walkers. Then, you can lure in more Walkers to get the revenge you seek.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is now available for Early Access on Steam.


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