‘Until Dawn’ Remastering Coming Soon to PlayStation and PC

Every Choice Matters Between Life & Death

Credit: Ballistic Moon

Until Dawn fans rejoice – you’ll return to the Blackwood Mountains sooner than expected. During Sony’s State of Play, Ballistic Moon announced that the cult-classic horror game would be getting a remastering. Originally released in 2015, Until Dawn became a cult classic horror game in its genre due to its world-building and emotional experience. But, with new enhanced visuals and additional content with the Unreal 5 engine, the Until Dawn remaster will see major improvements across the board.

Coming to PlayStation 5 and PC later this year, the remaster will include advances with the latest tech additions to the original story, building on the success of the original cast performance. Between the characters and the stunning environment that was once hidden in the darkness is now coming to light, have been expanding all for an amazing cinematic horror experience. With the addition of a third-person camera, returning to Blackwood offers players a fresh way to explore the original game. They can now navigate new locations and discover new interactions and collectibles. The remaster will also introduce new character movement animations and perspectives. This will allow players to re-experience the fear of that fateful night once again.

Credit: Ballistic Moon

Remastering A Classic

Until Dawn follows eight adults who return to the Blackwood Mountains following a tragic event the year prior. But when strange creatures begin attacking, they face a harrowing night as they try to survive a night in the mountains. The storytelling in Until Dawn is a perfect fusion of an original story and the game’s unique choice-based features. It not only enhances the enjoyment of the game for fans of the original story but also offers an opportunity for new players to understand and appreciate the story’s intricacies.

With its butterfly effect mechanics, choices even in the first chapter of the game can alter who lives or dies. When their world is in chaos, there might not always be an easy way to solve a problem. For instance, when Mike needs to hurry through the forest to rescue Jessica, players have two different paths. One is a risky shortcut, while the other is a longer but safer option. However, this decision will ultimately determine whether Jessica survives or not. The players must also make another crucial decision: who should keep a vital tool in the game – the flare gun. Although this may seem like a minor decision, it’s the deciding factor if Matt can avoid the most brutal death in Until Dawn.

If fans weren’t treated enough: PlayStation Productions and Sony’s Screen Gems are working on a film adaptation. Currently, David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation, Lights Out) is set to direct the film. Plus, Gary Dauberman (The Nun, It) is set to write the screenplay. No current date is known for the film’s release.

The Until Dawn remaster is set to release later this year on PC and PlayStation 5.

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