‘Welcome to ParadiZe’ Announces Free Demo, Digital Pre-Orders

Credit: Eko Software

Gather around the campfire – Eko Software has just announced a free demo, story trailer,  and digital pre-orders for their co-op zombie survival game Welcome to ParadiZe. Welcome to ParadiZe sees players working together to create their own paradise with assistance from a few not-so-friendly zombie locals.

Welcome to ParadiZe is a story-driven open-world co-op that makes you ask yourself: what would it be like to have an at-home zombie to help you fight back against its undead friends? Well thanks to the revolutionary hacking helmet created by Tusk Group, your questions are finally answered. As a survivor of the zombie apocalypse – and new member of the supposed utopia ParadiZe – players soon find that ParadiZe is not so quaint after all. Build a base camp, deal with the undead locals, zombified fauna, and ‘hack’ zombies to do your bidding. Players can attempt survival with a free demo during Steam’s Next Fest from January 29th – February 12th.

Credit: Eko Software

Starting today, players can also pre-order ParadiZe for PC and consoles with two editions: Supporter for PC or Zombot for consoles. The Welcome to ParadiZe pre-orders will feature the base game along with an exclusive uniform and five cosmetic packs. The cosmetic packs include a spooky Phantasm, a vacation-based Holiday Pack, a dark knight and medieval-inspired Dark Fantasy Pack, a zombie Uniforms Pack, and a post-launch Archeologist DLC Pack. Additionally, PC pre-orders will also receive a 15% discount on the title. Both editions will allow players to gain access to the game 48 hours before its official launch date.

Welcome to ParadiZe releases on February 29, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.


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