Nicolas Cage to Face Off Against Creepy Animatronics in ‘Willy’s Wonderland’

Willys Wonderland
Credit: Screen Media Films

Everyone, at some point or another, has had that one nightmare where the animatronics at the amusement park come alive. Almost like sinister. ‘Toy Story’. For Nicolas Cage, that nightmare is about to become a reality in the upcoming ‘Willy’s Wonderland’.

Originally titled ‘Wally’s Wonderland’, the film follows The Janitor (Cage), a stranded drifter who agrees to work the night shift at the abandoned amusement park in exchange for money to fix his Jeep. His tasks turn into a fight for survival as the animatronics come to life. He is then forced to team up with a group of teens that have ended up in the park if he has any chance of living till morning.

The eighth horror film of Cage’s career is directed by Kevin Lewis (‘The Drop’) and is the first feature written by G.O. Parsons. The cast also includes Beth Grant (Donnie Darko) and Grant Cramer (Killer Klowns from Outer Space.) Though it has no specific yet, ‘Willy’s Wonderland’ is set for a 2021 release. Check out the teaser below:

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