Watch Derek Mears Stomach Talk in Adult Swim’s ‘Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong’

Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong
Credit: Adult Swim

What if the Marx Brothers were in an ‘80s slasher movie?

What if Buster Keaton assassinated the president of the United States?

What if Laurel and Hardy suddenly became aware of the nonexistence of God?

WHAT WOULD THAT BE LIKE?!! Adult Swim answers that question with Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong.

In the genre-hopping, rules-free universe of Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong, a trio of true idiots embark on impossible, sometimes lethal adventures where moments shift from knee-slapping to head-scratching to heart-breaking in seconds. Just as in real life, anarchic mayhem blends with slapstick comedy and shocking moments of violence and truth. The Hunky Boys travel deep into darkness and infinitely into insanity, all through the inescapable thread of humanity’s unique and pathetic blend of loneliness, pain, failure and stupidity.




Hunky Boys Go Ding Dong
Adult Swim


The short is directed by Todd Rohal 
(M.O.P.Z., The Catechism Cataclysm), written and by Zack Carlson (Vice’s Outsider series), Bryan Connolly (Destroy All Movies!!!), and Todd Rohal. Starring Derek Mears (Friday the 13th), Emo Philips (UHF), and Randy Aguebor (The Suplex Duplex Complex). Produced by Lacey Leavitt (M.O.P.Z., The Catechism Cataclysm) and Jonathan Caso (Thin Skin) and executive produced by John Lee, Vernon Chatman and Alyson Levy of PFFR (The Heart, She Holler, Wonder Showzen), Mark Costa of Factual Productions, and Keith Crofford and Walter Newman of Williams Street.