Trailer for ‘The Advent Calendar’ Puts a Dark Spin on a Holiday Tradition

Credit: Shudder

I may be a grown adult, but I still get pretty hype for an advent calendar in December. A small present (usually candy!) every day for 12-24 days? Yes please! The new trailer for Shudder Original feature ‘The Advent Calendar’ might make me a little more hesitant with that enthusiasm. Of course, what we see is absolutely the creepiest looking advent calendar ever. As each little door opens a weathered wooden priest figure pops out of the top like a highly judgemental jack-in-the-box.

Eva (Eugénie Derouand), a person who uses a wheelchair, has been given this cursed calendar as a gift and learns she must do everything it says each day or she will be killed. Great gift! We definitely get the feeling that there might be something in it for her (besides just, you know, living) as we hear her repeat “I want to walk” with each door she opens and treat she consumes. This feels like a pretty unique take within the holiday horror realm and looks to be dark in all the ways the French seem to excel at. ‘The Advent Calendar’ will be director Patrick Ridremont’s second feature film and first horror feature.


Eva has been paraplegic for the past three years. When her birthday arrives, she receives a strange advent calendar as a gift. But instead of the traditional sweets, every day reveals something different; sometimes pleasant but often terrifying, and increasingly bloody. It’s going to be a very deadly Christmas this year.

‘The Advent Calendar’ premiers exclusively on Shudder on December 2nd.

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