Alan Wake Remastered Added to July PlayStation Monthly Games

Alan Wake Remastered Playstation
Credit: PlayStation / Remedy Entertainment

Through its monthly game offerings, PlayStation has provided many exciting titles to its loyal gamers. Whether exploring well-known franchises or discovering hidden gems, PlayStation’s monthly games consistently immerse players in thrilling experiences. This month, they are adding three games and removing a few off of the list. A captivating psychological thriller,Alan Wake Remastered,’ has recently joined the lineup.
‘Alan Wake’ was developed by Remedy Entertainment and first appeared on the market in 2010. Shortly after its release, it grew a large fanbase that still talks about the game to this day. The game offers an engaging, atmospheric, narrative-driven experience combining horror and action elements. Thanks to “Alan Wake” being included in the PlayStation Monthly Games lineup over a decade later, PlayStation users will once again be able to embark on this unforgettable journey. New players can embark on this terrifying adventure and learn about the award winning horror game.

With ‘Alan Wake Remastered’ in PlayStation Monthly Games, newcomers and returning players can experience or revisit this critically acclaimed title. Alan Wake delivers a gripping adventure that will leave you questioning reality until the very end, whether you’re a psychological thriller or gaming enthusiast.

As PlayStation continues to choose a variety of titles for its monthly offers, “Alan Wake” stands out as a game that everyone should play since it exemplifies the immersive storytelling capabilities of the format. So grab your flashlight, be ready for the unknown, and get ready to enter the eerie world of “Alan Wake.” PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to the game starting Tuesday, July 4, and continuing until Monday, July 31.


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Credit: PlayStation / Remedy Entertainment