An Official Time Bending Trailer for ‘Aporia’ Is Here


An official trailer for the film, Aporia, has been released! It stars Judy Greer, Edi Gathegi, Faithe Freeman, and Payman Maadi. The film is written and directed by Jared Moshe and will be in theaters on August 11th, 2023. 


Since losing her husband Mal in a drunk-driving incident, Sophie has struggled to manage crippling grief, a full-time job, and the demands of parenting her devastated teenage daughter. When her husband’s best friend Jabir, a former physicist, reveals that he has been building a time-bending machine that could restore her former life, Sophie will be faced with an impossible choice—and unforeseeable consequences.

Watch the trailer below:

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The trailer packs a punch with a lot of emotion and what looks to be another terrific leading performance from the powerhouse that is Greer. Aporia seems to be relying heavily on the haunting aspect of bending and manipulating time to get back to a moment or moments in your life that made you happy. Can you let go of your past and move on or is the lure of bringing someone back into your life after you lose them too enduring to pass up? We’ve all seen the horrible chain of events that can occur from disrupting time, so this movie will definitely be a wild and nerve-wracking ride.