Become a Mad Scientist in ‘The Kindeman Remedy’ – Out Now

Create the most fiendish treatment center with Troglobytes Games and 3D Realms nightmarish horror management game, The Kindeman Remedy, out now! Conduct evil experiments – for science – like never before in this abominable and immoral medical simulation. The diabolical care center or prison, as some may call it, is sure to thrill players with its gruesome tactics.

In a world of mockery and rejection, Dr. Carl Kindeman, a once-respected medical professional, finds himself abandoned and disgraced. Seeking a chance to reclaim his lost glory, he takes up a position at a notorious prison. Where the inmates become unwilling subjects in his evil experiments with the assistance of a mysterious nun, Sister Anna.

Credit: Troglobytes Games & 3D Realms

Be The Monster

Push ethical boundaries in pursuit of knowledge as lines blur between savior and tormentor. Players must confront the consequences of their actions and the weight of their consciences as they dive deep into sinister experiments. Transform the prison into the horror facility of your dreams, while using inmates as mere pawns.

Along with a story-driven narrative, players can unlock multiple endings and events. Additionally, players can upgrade rooms while redirecting their resources and hazardous materials. What’s more, choices determine the destiny of Dr. Kindeman and Sister Anna. Ultimately shaping the outcome of their chilling tale.

Credit: Troglobytes Games & 3d Realms

Troglobyte Games is a private video game studio located in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. Its team consists of seasoned industry professionals and emerging talents. Moreover, the studio’s goal is to captivate and astonish players globally. By introducing unconventional gameplay mechanics, aesthetics, and narratives.

3D Realms is a passionate team of innovative people who love video games and are involved in every aspect of the gaming world. Whether it’s creating, publishing, or supporting new talent. Acquired by the Embracer Group in 2021, 3d Realms continues to stick to their vision of maintaining a focus on the future of gaming. Similarly, their team includes experienced experts and fresh minds. For almost 30 years, 3D realms is known for publishing iconic games like Duke Nukem, Max Payne, and more.

The Kindeman Remedy is now available on PC via Steam!

Check out their trailer down below:

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