Trailer For ‘Black Mold’ Delivers the Spores of Dread

Credit: The Line Film Company

Yesterday Rue Morgue gave us the exclusive first look at the new trailer for Raven Banner’s Black Mold’ which is currently making the festival circuit! Of course we already know how great this film is as it took Best Indie Feature and star Agnes Albright got Best Actress at this year’s Panic Fest but we are excited that everyone else can now get a peek! The trailer sets the dark stage for the growing dread and terror that the film seeks to deliver and will likely leave you ready to dive into the nearest abandoned building, or at least ready to watch others take that risk!

Black Mold Panic Fest
Credit: Kelly Powell

Black Mold’ was written and directed by John Pata and the cast, in addition to Albright, features Andrew Bailes, Jeremy Holm (‘Brooklyn 45’, ‘The Ranger‘) and Caito Aase (‘Revealer’).

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Photographer Brooke [Albright] and her pal Tanner [Bailes] sneak into abandoned, off-limits buildings for the sake of their art and also the adrenaline rush. But when the daredevil pair break into their holy grail–Franklin Hill, a large facility with a history–they encounter a dangerously paranoid squatter [Holm] who holds them captive. The longer their attacker keeps them there, the more it becomes clear there’s something else profoundly wrong with the place as dangers surface at the intersection of artistic pursuits and internal sabotage.

Black Mold‘ had its world premier at Panic Fest will make its international premiere at FrightFest in the UK on Friday, August 25th, 2023.


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