7 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss Chattanooga Film Festival 2024

Chattanooga Film Festival Runs From June 21-28, 2024

Credit: Chattanooga Film Festival

For 10 years Chattanooga Film Festival has been a go-to fest for genre film lovers and in its 11th year 2024 will be no exception. With world premiere films and unique events, panels, and programming fans can enjoy this fest in person or virtually! Their line up is MASSIVE and you fan find all the details on their website, but we’re calling attention to some highlights you won’t want to miss below!

In person attendees will have far more than just screenings awaiting them is the small army of vendors armed with everything from rare VHS tapes to books to artwork to boutique Blu-rays to lovingly crafted cannabis products–and the book fair stacked with previously announced authors, live readings and mysterious secrets that CFF is calling its PHYSICAL MEDIA RODEO. Presented by Arrow Video, fans that want to pregame for the fest can check out a CFF Selects playlist packed with strange cinema and deep cuts curated by our crack team of trained weirdos hitting their Arrow Player service very soon.

There will also be a robust selection of live podcasts like The Video Monsters and Dads From the Crypt, film education events, watch parties, whiskey parties, pizza parties, live music, exclusive screenings, and the long-form Q&As that see CFF leaning into the virtual side of things to take deeper dives into the year’s films than an average festival Q&A would allow.

With its commitment to audience and filmmaker accessibility, its warm-hearted southern hospitality, and its consistently surprising and eclectic programming, the Chattanooga Film Festival has, in just 11 years, been chosen as One of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World (MovieMaker Magazine), one of FilmFreeway’s Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals in the World out of the nearly 12,000 festivals on that platform, been chosen multiple times as One of the 25 Best Genre Film (MovieMaker) and Horror Festivals (Dread Central) and hailed as “the gold standard on how to run a welcoming, unpretentious, no-bullshit film fest for folks who want to hang out and have a good time together” by legendary cinema publication FANGORIA. Even Southern Living, Money, and Forbes magazines have all had nice things to say about the festival, offering definitive proof that no matter who you are, it’s good to get weird sometimes.

Check out what we think makes this a “can’t miss” festival:

Sleep, Wake, Forget

Credit: Chattanooga Film Festival

Director: Ariel Vida | United States | World Premier

Synopsis: Years after civilization has fallen, two brothers have survived due to a unique gift – the ability to look into the minds of others. Through collected memories of a past they never knew, Max and Liam have learned how to live on their own… and how to defend themselves against the infected. But the dangers of this world cannot be avoided forever, and when tragedy strikes, one brother will stop at nothing to save his only family from becoming one of the creatures they have spent their lives running from.

Director Ariel Vida‘s ‘Trim Season‘ was a hit out of festivals last year (and will soon be available on VOD) and we were very excited to see what Vida would come up with next. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long! Based on Vida’s 2015 short film of the same name, this expanded vision of a post apocalyptic future looks to let viewers immerse themselves in the director’s lush world building. The synopsis suggests zombies, but Vida has given us twists before so we can’t wait to find out what is really going on in this one! Festival goers will be able to check this one out both virtually and in person.


Credit: Chattanooga Film Festival

Director: Racheal Cain | United States | World Premiere

Synopsis: At an experimental sleep clinic, Somnium, your dreams are made real. Side effects may include: hallucinations, confusion, paranoia, sleep paralysis, detachment from reality, lost sense of self, permanent nightmares.

Perhaps “sleep” is a bit of an unintentional theme at CFF this year, but nightmares are always welcome here! This is a first feature for director Racheal Cain and this will be a good opportunity to get a first look at a fresh voice in genre. With a cast that includes Chloë Levine and Johnathon Schaech viewers will be in good hands! This feature will make world premiere debut in person only.

The Fix

Credit: Chattanooga Film Festival

Director: Kelsey Egan | South Africa | World Premiere

Synopsis: A dark, dystopian thrill ride with an environmental slant, The Fix explores identity, perception and autonomy in a frighteningly viable future. A toxic compound infects earth’s atmosphere. Pharmaceutical giant, Aethera, sells immunity to those who can afford the daily dose… most can’t. When a troubled model takes a new designer drug at a house party, she suffers a shocking transformation. Pursued by a dangerous gang and authorities in cahoots with Aethera, she hunts desperately for a “fix” to reverse the drug’s effects… only to discover that her mutations could save the human race.

Who doesn’t like a little sci-fi in their genre fest? Director Kelsey Egan has been making her mark with her particular fascination within the virus/toxin/contagion sub-genre at the helm of films like ‘I Carry You Always‘ and ‘Glasshouse.‘ CFF will be the World Premiere for this South African film and viewers will be able to catch it in person as well as virtually.

Carnage For Christmas

Credit: Chattanooga Film Festival

Director: Alice Maio Mackay | Australia | Southeast Premier

Synopsis: When true-crime podcaster and sleuth Lola visits her hometown at Christmas for the first time since running away and transitioning, the vengeful ghost of a historical murderer and urban legend seemingly arises to kill again. Lola must solve the case before her community is slaughtered. She’s up against not only a psychotic killer, but a town haunted by secrets.

Director Alice Maio Mackay has been absolutely churning out unique, independent horror films with ‘Carnage For Christmas‘ being her 4th feature film in 2 years. The festival may be in June but it is never too early to start getting your holiday horror list lined up and given that in Australia Christmas falls in the summer we’ll get to experience a bit of the season how it might feel down under! This film will be exclusive to the virtual portion of the festival.

Twilight Zone

This year CFF will include a celebration of the enduring legacy of The Twilight Zone in honor of Rod Serling‘s 100th birthday! As a salute to the influential anthology sci-fi/horro series Serling’s daughter, author Anne Serling will be in attendance. She will be joined by Twilight Zone historian/author Mark Dawidziak for a screening of her father’s favorite episodes as well as a panel discussion at the gorgeous Chattanooga Whiskey Event Hall

Festival Director Chris Dortch II  says: “Serling and The Twilight Zone’s influence will be felt in eerie ways throughout this year’s festival.”

Adam Cesare

Secret screenings often create the most fun and off the wall moments at festivals and CFF will be bringing in New York Times bestselling author/screenwriter Adam Cesare to program one of these events. Cesare will also sign copies of his popular Clown In A Cornfield novels as he prepares for the August release of Clown In A Cornfield 3: The Church of Frendo. In person festival goers will also get to enjoy a screening of ‘Ghost Game‘ which was written by Cesare and directed by Jill Gevargizian.

Short Films

Short-form cinema is a yearly staple of the festival, and the CFF annual shorts showcases CFF SALUTES YOUR SHORTS, DANGEROUS VISIONS, and WTF (WATCH THESE FILMS) blocks are joined again by two volumes of their FUN SIZE EPICS block, which exhibits short films with slightly longer run times and strong enough world building to match any feature. Also expanded are the festival’s long running Dangerous Visions and WTF shorts blocks, which also receive second volumes BRIDE OF WTF and SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE DANGEROUS VISIONS. Festival fans can count on a mix of much-loved festival alums, talented new voices, and even another World Premiere from Author/Screenwriter/Director Benjamin Percy (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, the Comet Cycle novels). Percy’s dread-filled 13TH NIGHT debuts in the festival’s DANGEROUS VISIONS block and he will be on hand afterward to sign books and comics and answer questions for in person festival goers.

For the complete schedule of both in-person and virtual screenings and events, visit chattfilmfest.org, and keep your eyes peeled, as the festival’s organizers can’t seem to stop adding things. For folks who might only have the time or funds to see one or two films during the festival, limited quantity single tickets for all films are on sale while they last!

Chattanooga Film Festival Runs From June 21-28, 2024