Turns Out We’re Getting That Chris Rock-Led ‘Saw’ Movie A Lot Sooner Than Expected

Saw Chris Rock Billy
Credit: Lionsgate

Sometimes it’s good to break with tradition. Or so that would appear to be the sentiment that Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures wants everything to believe. According to Deadline they’re so confident in the new Saw reboot, that they’re going to switch it’s release date. By a matter of five months to be exact! Instead of October 23, 2020, it’ll be landing on May 15. In the process shirking the tradition and tagline of “if it’s Halloween, it must be Saw” that was bandied about for years.

If you don’t remember why this is even news, here’s a quick refresher. Months back it was revealed that Rock, a big fan of the Saw series, pitched his idea for a new spin to Lionsgate. So smitten were they, that they fast-tracked the film, tacking on Jigsaw writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. The studio even brought back Darren Lynn Bousman, who was responsible of the middle trilogy of Saw II-IV. That right there is enough to make waves, so they then set up a cast to push things over the top. Max Minghella. Marisol Nichols. As for the story, all we know is that Rock plays a detective, trying to solve a grisly string of murders. Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson will play his dad. Done. Sold. Buy those tickets now.

The thing is, a like this, can be a dangerous thing. After all, this is a movie that only recently started filming. Supposedly, at least going by Variety’s reporting, the reason for the move is that studio heads are really excited by what they’ve seen from dailies. There’s also the slimmest, slightest of chances that Universal announcing Halloween Kills releases on October 16, 2020, could have something to do with it. Just maybe. It would make sense to open against, say the latest Scooby-Doo iteration, than the latest sequel to a recently revitalized juggernaut of a horror series. Either way, circle this date, as the new Saw movie is shaping up to be very exciting. Plan to check back here in two weeks, when we’ll probably have a teaser or trailer to talk about. Stay tuned for future updates!