First Official Image of Christina Ricci in ‘The Dresden Sun’

The Dresden Sun Ricci
Credit: VMI International

Christina Ricci will be starring in the upcoming film, The Dresden Sun, and the first official image has been released. Alongside Ricci, the film stars Mena Suvari, Linus Roache, Steven Ogg, and Samantha Win.


The film follows a heist that goes south when a brilliant, principled mercenary (Ogg) with a traumatic history works with an insider to steal a prized commodity called “the sphere” from Peredor Corporation and Dr. Dresden (Ricci).

The film is written and directed by Michael Ryan and produced by Tyler Lockamy and Michael Ryan.

Ryan said, “The Dresden Sun is an allegorical story that deals with ideas and concepts ranging from corporatocracy, interdimensional reality, grief, arrested development, and apostasy. We at Archetype Pictures appreciate working with VMI and their passionate team and are looking forward to their abilities to help deliver the film to the world.”

It’s currently in post-production with no release date set just yet.

Quote courtesy of Deadline.