‘Chucky’ Season 3 Brings Terror to the Whitehouse

Chucky season 3 is coming to TV this Halloween

Chucky Season 3
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Chucky, the iconic killer doll from the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise, has been slashing his way into our nightmares for decades. With the successful revival of the ‘Chucky’ series in recent years, fans are eagerly awaiting the release ofChucky Season 3. The season promises to be another thrilling chapter in the murderous doll’s dark and twisted saga.

In season 1 of ‘Chucky,’ the murderous doll (played in the show by Brad Dourif) goes on a raging killing spree to take over local hospitals. As 14-year-old Jake Wheeler and his friends attempt to navigate the after-effects of Chucky season 1’s trauma, the title character triggers them to see the twisted ways of their own being – to eventually become murderers themselves. The update on season 3 came in August leaving fans screaming for more.

Chucky Season 3
Credit: USA Network / SFYF

Season 2 premiered in October 2022 where Chucky continued his reign of terror with even more brutal and inventive kills. We were also introduced to new characters, each with their own secrets and connections to the notorious killer doll. Season 2 not only built on the established Chucky mythology but also expanded the lore. We were introduced to the concept of multiple Chucky dolls, each with its own murderous agenda. The season delivered plenty of suspense and plot twists keeping fans on the edge of their seats. While Chucky as well as the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise has always been popular for it’s dark humor and witty one liners- Season 3 highlights a more grittier undertone. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger keeping us in the dark about several shocking developments. So what’s in store for this new season?

With the release of a full-length trailer ahead of the SYFY and Peacock premiere in October 2023. The  trailer sets us up for a far more morbidly chilling season- more blood and more guts to come!

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In ‘Chucky’ season 3 the titular doll is seen in the Oval Office, in The White House. While most of the original ‘Chucky’ series cast members are expected to return in season 3, Chucky now poses a threat to the President of the United States’ security and has made a new unexpected friend – the President’s son. What’s more? – There may be a plan for world domination in the works. The doll clearly has a more than just a sinister motive as the trailer proposes scenes of Chucky spying in on the governments hidden secrets, and whether the President himself is in danger remains to be seen.

The ‘Chucky’ season 3 release date is October 4, 2023  for Halloween season – available to watch on both SYFY and USA Networks. When Chucky first announced the season 3 renewal news, the title read “coming Fall 2023” in the video title. However, delays were expected as the cast would have had to stop filming earlier than expected due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Nevertheless, the ‘Chucky’ series will not be disappointing fans and its release date is as promised. New episodes will be available to stream the next day on Peacock.  


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