‘Drunken Devil’ Expands Immersive Storytelling Universe with Audio Drama ‘The Cosmic Game’

Credit: Drunken Devil

‘The Cosmic Game’ is a new original horror-fantasy audio drama from the immersive production company, Drunken Devil. A modern twist on classic radio dramas, ‘The Cosmic Game’ podcast tells the story of God and the Devil as they try to outwit one another in an effort to gain influence over all earth-dwelling mortals. Listeners will encounter vampires in New Orleans, Ancient Roman tyrants, cults, and demons, in this high-stakes, time-jumping supernatural melodrama.

In addition to the epic narrative co-directed and written by Matt Dorado and Mak Manson, The Cosmic Game incorporates at-home cocktail recipes, curated to match each episode’s content and narrative arc, for a spirited listening experience. The cocktail pairing menu for ‘The Cosmic Game’ is crafted by Nathan Hazard, the celebrated co-founder and cocktail mastermind of The Coconut Club, co-founder of Drink Special, and owner of Littlebear Bottleshop. With a cocktail echoing the theme of each installment of the nine-episode first season, ‘The Cosmic Game’ offers a unique, exciting experience for the senses.

“The Cosmic Game isn’t just an audio drama. It’s an escapist experience, an audacious journey rooted in camp, horror, and fantasy,” explained Drunken Devil founder and The Cosmic Game creator Matt Dorado. “We hope that audiences across the globe will strap in and go on this journey with us, leaning into the mischievous melodrama that Drunken Devil was known for in its immersive theatre incarnations. Grab a drink, dim the lights, and enjoy this absolutely bonkers story!”

The first 3 episodes of The Cosmic Game are available now with new episodes releasing weekly. The Cosmic Game podcast is available wherever audiences listen and at thedrunkendevil.com.