Downright Creepy Launches Crickets Podcast Network

We are officially launching our new podcast network for the strange and unusual. The //crickets podcast network will stream three bi-monthly podcasts including Creepcast, Black Magic Coven, and Super Creepy Funtime Hour, with more to follow.

Tim KC Canton and Adam Roberts kick off their series with Creepcast, covering creepy news, with additional reviews and interviews. Black Magic Coven will focus on discussions of the paranormal, supernatural, and unsettling with spooky hosts including Austinite Marisa Mirabal (contributing writer for Birth.Movies.Death., Slashfilm, Fangoria, and Collider). Co-hosted by Jenius McGee (Kansas City Horror Club president and Nightmare Junkhead co-host), Super Creepy Funtime Hour tackles strange topics like joining a cult and alien abductions; hosts provide first-hand accounts of their experiences through dark humor and improv.



Creepcast on Downright Creepy
Bi-Monthly | Unscripted

The Creepcast celebrates all things creepy through movie-centric shows that focus on reviews, toys, games, and bizarre headlines. This legacy podcast is hosted by Downright Creepy founder and Panic Fest co-founders Tim KC Canton and Adam Roberts along with special guests.

Listen: Rental | Sputnik | Curse Films | Ratched Interviews | Apple Podcast | Spotify | Anchor FM

Black Magic Coven
Bi-Monthly | Unscripted
Season 1 | 12 Episodes

The clock has struck 3am, the witching hour has begun. Are you ready to be initiated into the Black Magic Coven? Join your sisters (Kaleigh, Liz, Andrea, and Marisa) this fall as they discuss the supernatural, paranormal ghost stories, cryptids and killers, and haunted forbidden places.

Listen: Intro | Stull, KS | Armin Miewes | Apple Podcast | Spotify | Anchor FM

Super Creepy Funtime Hour
Bi-Monthly | Unscripted
Season 1 | 8 Episodes

Join the creepy crew as they explore everything from what it would be like to start a cult, alien abduction experiences, playing with Ouija boards, what it would be like to spend a day in hell, and much more. Combining elements of dark humor, improv, and storytelling, Super Creepy Funtime Hour will be an uncomfortable good time you will look forward to each episode. Best described as Super Deluxe meets Comedy BangBang for horror fans.

Listen: We Joined a Cult | They Snatched Our Bodies | Apple Podcast | Spotify

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