SDCC 2019: Netflix Gives Us a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making Of ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’

Dark Crystal
Credit: Netflix

Netflix presents an exclusive sneak peek at the highly-anticipated fantasy series, ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, based on Jim Henson’s groundbreaking 1982 feature film, ‘The Dark Crystal’. In this stunning new prequel, three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, and set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world. Realized using classic puppetry with cutting edge visual effects, the cast and creators discuss all of your burning questions about bringing Thra to life.

While fans in attendance at the Hall H presentation were treated to the first episode, Netflix gave the rest of us a behind the scenes look at the making of the series along with a new trailer. It looks gorgeous. The craftsman ship that goes into the puppets, sets and performance is nothing short of stunning. Director Louis Leterrier would agree.

“Every shot was the most complicated shot of my career. But the true heroes are the puppeteers.” said Leterrier.

The hard work wasn’t lost on Taron Egerton either.

“The amount of craft that goes into the making of the puppets, the artistry that goes into those creatures, and then the guys who operate them. We arrive and it’s there. It’s inspiring in itself, the work that everyone else has done kind of feeds your performance.” said Egerton.


Dark Crystal
Credit: Netflix


What did Lisa Henson think of showcasing their new work to a room full of fans? Needless to say, she was just as excited as we were.

“This is the thing I am most proud of that we have done. Being in Hall H with this show is the greatest moment of my professional life.” Henson replied.

Growing up watching Jim Henson’s puppets was something I vividly remember as a kid, it was no different for Mark Hamil who got to live out the dream and help bring them to life through his voice acting.

“I never thought it would come back, when I saw the original. Funny that would never dream of going back to something that you were known for, so long before.” Hamil said.

The Darkness rises on August 30 on Netflix.



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