‘Dead By Daylight’ Teases New Shape-Shifting Killer in Found Footage Posts

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Over a series of Instagram posts, Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is teasing fans with a horrifying glimpse at the newest killer. While fans were speculating an IP-based chapter release, the newest Killer and Survivor are set to be originals. The original chapter is set to release in March along with a new in-game event. Although there is no confirmation yet whether these releases will be related.

Behaviour has been teasing fans with cryptic images, audio files, and videos over the last two weeks. The first posts detailed a few diner workers and their unfortunate encounter with a creature. After one coworker, Ashley, fails to return from a break, another unnamed worker goes searching for her. The worker finds Ashley’s phone left behind, but after hearing her voice come from the forest, ventures in to find her. However, after following Ashley’s voice, they see Ashley and a strange, twisted, and disfigured creature. After realizing the creature was mimicking Ashley’s and their voice, they retreat to the dinner.  Stuck in the diner, the worker can still hear the distorted voices taunting them. Days later, Behaviour posted audio clips, confirming a mimick-like killer.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

A Shape-Shifting Nightmare

Earlier this week, Behaviour posted a series of text messages between a husband and wife detailing the wife’s encounter with the creature and an email between roommates. The wife details how the neighbor’s dog had been barking, but stopped, however, its whining “sounds wrong.” Then the email recounted a college roommate going for a run on a new trail and coming back disturbed. The roommate scribbled dozens and dozens of eerie sketches before momentarily stopping. Then a follow-up video was posted featuring an at-home security revealing the creature lurking in someone’s backyard. The figure crawls on all fours before pouncing out of frame.

The final glimpse of the killer comes from a cinematic teaser. In the teaser, someone camping wakes up in the middle of the night to strange breathing and noises outside their tent. As the creature moves around the tent, it comes to a stop at the zipper and slowly unzips the tent flap.  Just as the mimic lets out a distorted “help me”, it opens the tent and attacks the camper. In the distorted video and audio, viewers can get a glimpse at the pale, sunken-eyed creature as it changes its form.

With the PTB launching on Monday, a full reveal of the new Killer, Survivor, and map is expected to be released on Monday. Whether it’s a mimic or wendigo-like creature, Dead by Daylight players are in for a fright with the new stealth Killer.

Dead by Daylight is available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and for PC.