Dead by Daylight’s Delightfully Spooky Twisted Masquerade Event Returns

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight‘s Twisted Masquerade is back with new masks, event-themed decor, new Offerings, and some exciting new gameplay mechanics. The celebratory event will run from June 22nd through July 13th.

What is the Twisted Masquerade?

Dead by Daylight
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

The Twisted Masquerade is the recurring event hosted in honor of Dead by Daylight‘s anniversary. During the event, a few changes are made to matches to help players enjoy the festivities. This includes delightfully spooky decor on Hooks, Generators, and Lockers. Players can also find event-themed items in the Bloodweb: the Masquerade Flashlight, Toolboxes, Medkits, and the new Terrormisu.

Mask My Survivor

Dead by Daylight
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

In addition to the in-game decor, players should look for Invitations during their Trials. These Invitations will allow players to unlock one of 12 exclusive mask cosmetics. Invitations will spawn at the beginning of the match and will change locations. In order to successfully unlock the mask, there is a stipulation players should be weary of. Both Killers and Survivors must have at least one charge left when Exit Gates or Hatch opens.

However, these Invitations also hold charges. Players can use these charges to gain a slight advantage during their trial. Survivors can block Window vaults while in chase or spawn a Fragile Pallet. Meanwhile, Killers can use charges to break a Pallet, shorten stun times, or while in Bloodlust, can Expose a Survivor.

The following Killers and Survivors will have unlockable masks for this year’s Twisted Masquerade:

Killers: The Nurse, The Legion, The Oni, The Blight, The Knight, and The Singularity.

Survivors: Meg Thomas, Jeff Johansen, Zarina Kassir, Felix Richter, Jonah Vasquez, and Gabriel Soma.

Community Challenges and New Collections

Dead by Daylight
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Alongside the unlockable cosmetics, a Twisted Masquerade Event Tome will be available for players. The two levels of new Challenges will let players unlock new outfits for The Hillbilly and Nea Karlsson. New Charms will also be unlockable in the tome.

Players will be able to purchase exclusive outfits for The Ghost Face and Feng Min within the in-game store. Players who were not able to celebrate the Twisted Masquerade last year will be getting a second chance this year. The Dredge and Haddie Kaur’s outfits will be available for purchase in the in-game store. Plus, every mask from last year will also be available for purchase during the Anniversary event.

A Celebratory Sale

While in a celebratory mood, the in-game store will be having a sale on nearly all characters pre-Tools of Torment. Check out the sales below:

  • 30% off Outfits released pre-End Transmission
  • 50% off characters released pre-Tools of Torment with exceptions below
  • 30% off The Nemesis, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, The Mastermind, Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, The Shape, Laurie Strode, The Ghost Face, The Onryo, and Yoichi Asakawa.
  • 25% off Tools of Torment characters.


Check out the trailer for Dead by Daylight‘s Twisted Masquerade below:

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