No Joking Around, This Trailer For ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ May Be The Funniest Thing You See All Day

The Dead Don't Die
Credit: Focus Features / Universal Pictures

It may be April Fool’s Day, but what we’re about to show you is certainly no joke. Jim Jarmusch has a new film coming out. Better yet, it’s a zombie film. Even better yet, than that already scintilating piece of news, is that he’s assembled an insanely talented cast for his zombie comedy, The Dead Don’t Die. Don’t believe us? Well, you ought to sit down and strap in, as there’s a good chance this trailer will melt your face with delight.

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Yeah, that’s a thing that’s happening this summer. Lets just take a moment and savor that. Seriously, this trailer is just chock-full of wonderful little moments. Iggy Pop as a zombie? Check. Tom Waits in the woods? Check. Tilda Swinton laying waste with a katana? Check and check again. Bill Murray, Chloë Sevigny and Adam freakin’ Driver as small town police officers dealing with the undead? Check check check. Simply listing everything unveiled here is sure to bring a smile to almost everyone’s face. If not, you may just want to check your pulse.

There isn’t really a plot description at the moment, but that isn’t sullying our mood here at the site, at all. You just need to take one glimpse at the craziness above, to be completely and utterly sold by the charm on display. The fact that Jarmusch is bringing his particular brand of whimsy, to a film that feels like a mash up of Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright and John Waters, is cause for great excitement. June 14 simply can’t get here soon enough. We desperately need this in front of our eyeballs, right now. What say you though? Let us know down in the comments. We’ll update you further on all things The Dead Don’t Die related, once more becomes available. For now, try to contain your composure, while you take in this perfectly simple first poster.

The Dead Don't Die
Credit: Focus Features