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‘Dead Space’ Gameplay Shows Gnarly Footage in New Trailer

Credit: Motive Studios

EA’s Motive Studios has released its first official gameplay trailer for their Dead Space remake. Featuring plenty of dismemberments, gruesome fighting, and scares, fans will be in for a treat.

Motive states they aim to stay true to the original game with a few adjustments. Dead Space is a survival horror game from creator Glen Schofield and Electronic Arts. Schofield’s idea was to create the most frightening game possible with inspirations from Resident Evil 4, Solaris, and Event Horizon. The series launched its original title in 2008 and has since released two more games: Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.

Credit: Motive Studios

A Familiar Story

The year is 2508. Earth has come to near extinction, leaving humans to spread throughout the galaxy. An engineer, Isaac Clarke, and his crew arrive at the USG Ishimura to repair the mining ship. But soon after docking, realize something has gone terribly wrong. With the Ishimura’s crew slaughtered, sans their senior medical officer Nicole (also Isaac’s girlfriend). Isaac and his crew embark on a journey to fight their new enemy, the Necromorphs and find Nicole.

Credit: Motive Studios

Scary New Changes

On their blog, EA and Motive have been transparent with fans about the changes they are enacting for the remake. At the beginning of their process, they included fan feedback to see what improvements fans wanted to see. Over the last year, Motive has released several videos of its development and live-streamed its progress.

The creative team assured fans that all the main story beats and events of the original game would remain relatively true. With the expanded universe of comic books and subsequent games, the creatives looked to amplify lore, background characters, and agency to characters like Nicole in narrative side-quests. Now fans will see what happened during the initial outbreak with Nicole and the physical appearances of characters like Dr. Cross.

Credit: Motive Studios

In addition to narrative boosts, the visuals of the game have been reworked. Now with the use of EA’s Frostbite engine, visuals like animations, enemy behavior, and textures have been rebuilt and improved. From lighting and volumetric effects to bone and flesh ripping from the Necromorph’s body, Motive hopes to make a more enhanced experience.

One of the experiences they have altered from the first game is that players will now be able to navigate the Ishimura in one sequential shot. This will allow players to backtrack to fully explore and immerse themselves in the experience.

Dead Space is now available for pre-orders from EA.

The Dead Space remake releases on January 27, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam.


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