Trust No One in Social Deduction Game ‘Deceit 2’ Available Now

Credit: World Makers Limited

It’s hunt or be hunted in World Makers’ newest title, Deceit 2. Deceit 2 is a social deduction game where 6-9 players try to escape the Game Master’s Ritual. However, two players in your match are Infected and will stop at nothing to eliminate the Innocents. Watch your back, follow the clues, and correctly deduce those around you to escape the Ritual.

Credit: World Makers

Brought together as sacrifices for the Game Master’s Benefactors, Innocents must cleanse the Ritual Site of Souls or eliminate the Infected to gain back their freedom. Race around the site to collect souls, utilizing your proximity chat to determine who truly is on your side. As Innocents, you can conduct a Banishing Ritual to expel the suspected Infected. However, banishing an Innocent or throwing wrongful accusations could create greater rifts in your small group.

An Imposter is Present
Credit: World Makers

While the Innocents panic to deduce the Infected players, the Infected have their own unique tasks. As the Infected, use your Eldritch evil to satisfy the Benefactors’ hunger. The Infected can awaken special ‘gifts’ by fracturing Weak Points around the site to bring back the In-Between.  Once the In-Between phase activates, it’s a hunt showdown where the Terrors can eliminate the Innocents one by one.

Deceit 2 is now available for PC via Steam. An Xbox and PlayStation version will launch at a later date.


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