Discover New Story-Driven Favorites With Steam’s ‘The Storyteller’s Festival’

Credit: Cosmonaut Studios & Secret Mode

Steam’s The Storyteller’s Festival is in full swing, providing players with an exciting opportunity to experience some immersive narrative-focused games! Organized by Two and Half Studios, The Storyteller’s Festival ends on February 4th. It includes demos, sales, dedicated streams, and announcements for new titles joining the genre. In no particular order, we have picked out five exciting story-rich games for players to give a try. All the games provide players with a unique and individual experience, allowing them to fully submerge themselves in the storyline.

Credit: Monumental Collab & CRITICAL REFLEX


Teleforum is a free-to-play psychological horror game about a man who committed suicide on a broadcast called Teleforum. Setting the player in the home of his grieving widow as two different characters. Playing the role of a reporter, players must interview the widower, ensuring they don’t cross her boundaries. Similarly, players also take on the role of the cameraman, exploring the apartment, and looking for answers to her husband’s unusual death. Because of this, the game’s visual appearance is in an analog VHS style, creating an unsettling and creepy environment.

Credit: Cosmonaut Studios & Secret Mode

Eternal Threads

Eternal Threads is a single-player puzzle game that revolves around time manipulation, choices, and consequences. Tasked with resolving corruption in the timeline of a house fire that killed 6 people, players must find a way to help the housemates survive that dreary night. Additionally, players cannot stop the fire itself but have multiple ways to save each housemate. Thus, resulting in consequences for each action taken. Moreover, players are allowed seven days of investigation to decide on how to save everyone from the fire. Eternal Threads gives a unique perspective on the individual housemates, who reveal their secrets as the days go by.

Credit: Jiaquarium & Freedom Games

Night Loops

Night Loops is a pixelated psychological horror game that sets players on an endless loop as a night shift worker, wanting to learn more about the hotel owner. The game promises to give players a surreal experience as they navigate the dreamscape they’re in to discover the truth behind the “psychic somewhere.” Additionally, players solve puzzles with the previous hotel owners’ abilities. Tying them to hotel guests as they learn how everything is connected.

Elf Games, Luna2 Studio, & Daedalic Entertainment

Children of Silentown

Children of Silentown takes an interesting approach to storytelling by placing players in a hidden village of monsters as a little girl named Lucy. Tired of the constant weird disappearances, Lucy decides that she will get to the bottom of the village’s mystery. Likewise, players can interact with other characters and objects to help Lucy discover the mystery surrounding her village. Solve puzzles and play minigames to advance through the story’s progression.


Corpse Factory

Corpse Factory is an atmospheric visual novel with a narrative focus that tells the story of a freaky website rumored to promise people with a request for a user’s death. What’s more, the story goes that all a person has to do is upload a picture of an individual they want gone. The website takes care of the rest. However, when people actually start disappearing in the city of Tokyo, victims are discovered with photographs of their demise. What’s weird is that the pictures were taken before their deaths. Making everyone question the authenticity of the website.

The Storyteller’s Festival is free for anyone to attend and can be found on Steam.